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→  April 21, 2012

To view this content you need Flash and Javascript enabled in your browser. Please download Flash from the Adobe download website. 9:51pm UK, Saturday April 21, 2012 Police in Bahrain have fired tear gas on protesters as they responded with petrol bombs ahead of the Gulf state’s Formula One Grand Prix. Up to 150 protesters […]

→  April 12, 2012

“So maybe I’m just playing myself in gently. After all, in 2007, I didn’t win a race until the sixth round and I was in the hunt for the title all through the year. “As I don’t think the pecking order has settled down yet, it’s important to get some good results in the bag […]

Brazilian Grand Prix 2011: world champion Sebastian Vettel praises ‘faultless’ Red Bull →  November 28, 2011

“We are ready to take that because we know how sweet it can taste at the end of the race or the end of the season.” After finishing 122 points clear of second-placed Jenson Button, almost the equivalent of five race wins, Vettel added: “Looking at the championship score obviously it wasn’t that tight. “But […]

Indian Grand Prix 2011: Lewis Hamilton vows to come through ‘tough times’ →  October 27, 2011

The 26 year-old Hamilton laughed when told of this. “I hadn’t heard that,” he said. “I don’t know how much more manly I can get. I think he’s just being positive and showing he still has huge belief in me. He’s aware things have not been easy but he knows I will rise above it. Please click “LIKE” […]