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→  September 4, 2012

World leaders must take swift and co-ordinated action to ensure that food price shocks do not turn into a catastrophe in the coming months, the United Nations has warned. Global alarm over the potential for a food crisis of the kind seen in 2007/08, when price protests and riots occurred in a number of countries, […]

→  August 7, 2012

Fighter jets scream in an almost vertical dive unleashing bombs and machine gun rounds into the heart of Aleppo. The noise and the percussion waves from the explosions are sickening. Day and night. Helicopters strafe Fee Syrian Army (FSA) fighter positions while selecting targets for the Russian-made MIG jets’ continuous sorties. In the target zones, […]

→  July 19, 2012

Russia and China have again vetoed a UN resolution threatening sanctions against President Bashar al Assad’s government if it did not stop using heavy weapons. The 11-2 vote, with two abstentions from South Africa and Pakistan, was the third double veto of a Syria resolution by Damascus’ most important allies. The UK, United States and […]

→  July 6, 2012

Melbourne-based RepuTex today said it expects a carbon price of A$8-15 (US$8.20-15.40) in the run-up to 2020 – far below the government’s A$40 estimate, which RepuTex said “is unrealistic in the face of low carbon offset prices in Asian markets”. “The international market for offset permits has dropped in recent years, with an oversupply of […]