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→  March 30, 2013

Former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey has launched a scathing attack on Prime Minister David Cameron. In an article for the Daily Mail, Lord Carey says many Christians doubt the PM’s “sincerity” when he pledges to protect their religious freedoms and accuses ministers of “aiding and abetting” discrimination against believers. He points to Government plans […]

→  March 25, 2013

David Cameron is set to announce tough new measures to curb immigrants’ access to housing and benefits, in an attempt to tackle the “something-for-nothing” welfare culture. The Prime Minister will use a keynote speech today to warn those coming to the country that Britain will no longer be taking a “soft touch” approach to immigration. […]

→  March 16, 2013

David Cameron will promise to foster “aspiration” and give school sport a £150m cash boost when he addresses the Conservative party’s spring conference after a bruising couple of weeks. Following the disastrous Eastleigh by-election which saw the Tories beaten into third by UKIP, and just days before a Budget, the Prime Minister’s speech is being […]

→  March 13, 2013

Conservative MPs have spoken out as speculation grows that David Cameron’s plans for minimum pricing of alcohol are being scrapped. The Prime Minister has backed the controversial policy, which medical groups argued would save lives. A base price of 45p per unit was suggested in a consultation document issued last year, with the Government yet […]