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→  November 3, 2012

WASHINGTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The price of forest carbon credits doubled in 2011, leading to a record market value of $237 million according to Leveraging the Landscape: State of the Forest Carbon Markets 2012. “To address the drivers of deforestation, we need to establish innovative ways of enabling forest conservation” The report, which aggregates data from 451 individual […]

→  April 24, 2012

CO2Australia boasts of planting three million carbon credit trees. This is “just the beginning” of a new bubble industry, the CO2.con. This bubble is set to inflate rapidly. To offset just one day of Qantas operations, CO2 promoters must plant more than 200,000 trees in permanent forests covering 130 hectares. How much land is required […]

→  December 18, 2011

Farmers and land managers across Australia will now be able to generate extra revenue while reducing carbon pollution by planting permanent native forest trees in the latest Carbon Farming Initiative methodology announced this week. The Gillard Government’s Carbon Farming Initiative, which opened for business on 8 December 2011, enables farmers, land owners, local government and […]