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Vybz Kartel: Still in Prison… Rumours of Escape Fabricated Say Police →  November 30, 2011

Please Click “Like” below to see full article POLICE have thrown cold water on claims that embattled Deejay Vybz Kartel has escaped from the New Horizon Adult Remand Centre early this morning. Reports have gone viral on the internet and on social networks that the Deejay and seven other inmates held guards hostage at gunpoint minutes […]

Joey Barton says Newcastle owner Mike Ashley forced him to leave over a pay dispute →  November 30, 2011

“Myself and the bigger name players at the time advised the playing staff because we were head of the playing committee not to sign the bonus sheet and that filtered back to boardroom level. “It’s no coincidence that I was given away. “It’s all about power and control. They are running the football club and it’s going […]

Jamaica: Vybz Kartel Real life Prison Break →  November 30, 2011

Please click “Like” To read the full article of this amazing breaking story. Vybz Kartel aka the ‘human duppy’ and famous dancehall musician known notoriously for his extreme skin bleaching has escaped from prison. In the biggest prison escape in Jamaica history, on 30 November 2011 in Jamaica, at Horizon Adult Remand Centre on Spanish […]

Is Rossie Brovent ‘suing ex-boyfriend for inking flies buzzing over excrement on her back’? →  November 29, 2011

Please Click “Like” below to see the entire article Rossie Brovent ‘suing ex-boyfriend for $100,000 after he drew tattoo on her’ Ryan Fitzjerald was ‘angry at her for cheating on him with long-time friend’ But story has been thrown into doubt as no court records are held on case In addition the photo has been […]