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→  January 29, 2016

Here’s Why Everyone Is Wrong About BA Stock It’s the only possible explanation for the turbulence that has brought down Boeing Co (NYSE:BA) stock on Wall Street… The offending surprise that has pushed Boeing stock down a significant nine percent on January 27 is that for the first time since 2010, the U.S. aerospace giant […]

→  January 28, 2016

Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) is trading at $17.10, but Twitter stock has dropped more than 24% since the start of 2016. It is hardly a consolation to investors that TWTR stock was trading over $50.00 per share just last May in a year when the U.S. tech sector was one of the best performers. Within six […]

→  January 27, 2016

Call it the luck of the Irish. Tyco International PLC’s (NYSE:TYC) headquarters in Cork, Ireland served as the ultimate deal sweetener in Johnson Controls Inc’s (NYSE:JCI) takeover in a deal that could be a game-changer for TYC stock. As most shares were crashing in North American markets, Tyco stock surged by more than 10%. Johnson […]

→  January 26, 2016

This Could Be Huge for GPRO Stock It won’t be wrong to say that GoPro Inc (NYSE:GPRO) has been one of the worst-performing investments of 2015. Even though the company remains profitable, slowing sales are a question mark on its future. GPRO stock may rebound only if this happens. GoPro’s Achilles’ heel has been an […]

→  January 25, 2016

Here’s Why 2016 Could Be Great for Silver Prices So far in 2016, silver prices are flat. This could change. Don’t be shocked if the gray precious metal is severely higher by the year’s end than it currently trades. Know that in the short-term, silver prices are driven by nothing but sentiment, but in the […]

→  January 24, 2016

Warren Buffett’s Portfolio Losing Billions Legendary billionaire investor Warren Buffet lost more than $1.7 billion dollars on two of his biggest investments in just two days this week. On Friday, American Express Company (NYSE:AXP) stock, one of Warren Buffett’s top holdings, shed 11.5% of its value on the market. Warren Buffett, aka the Oracle of […]

→  January 23, 2016

So far in 2016, gold prices are up 3.4%. Meanwhile, the Dow Jones Industrial Average is down 7.7%. Don’t be surprised if this trend (gold prices moving higher, stocks moving lower) continues throughout the year, with gold prices ending 2016 much higher than they are today. Dow-to-Gold Multiple on Strong Rebound Below is a long-term […]

→  January 22, 2016

Has TWTR Stock Finally Bottomed? Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) has been on a perennial decline since Dick Costolo bid farewell to the company. While the worst for TWTR stock was witnessed at the beginning of this year, there’s a piece missing in the puzzle here that once in place will change your perspective on the stock. […]

→  January 21, 2016

World on the Verge of Economic Collapse The U.S. stock market is having a terrible start this year, as the SP 500 index plunges nearly 10% since entering 2016. With worldwide economic collapse being a real possibility, billionaire investor Ray Dalio says that the U.S. Federal Reserve could start quantitative easing, rather than raising interest […]

→  January 20, 2016

This Could Be Big for NFLX Stock Netflix, Inc. (NASDAQ:NFLX) analysts have come up with a number: 75 million. That’s how many subscribers the company needs to report in order to boost NFLX stock when it announces its quarterly earnings later today (January 19). The number of subscribers is the key, because Netflix shareholders are […]