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→  July 20, 2018

How to Invest in Pot Stocks The marijuana industry is one of the most exciting ones around in 2018. Politics, drugs, an emergent industry…they all combine to create one of the most exciting—and potentially profitable—sectors around. But many people are still left asking how to invest in pot stocks. Today I’ll cover several different plays that […]

→  July 19, 2018

iStock.com/Artpilot MDSO Stock: This Bullish Trend Has Legs The markets are completely dismissing the potential impact that a trade war can have on an economy. As a proponent of price action, if the markets are not concerned with the prospects of a trade war at this current juncture, then I have no reason to be […]

→  July 18, 2018

iStock.com/DmitriMaruta Roku Stock Strengthens on Impressive Growth With the never-ending options being offered by technology today, viewers don’t want to stick to their regular television sets anymore. The streaming industry is on fire and few players stand to dominate this space. Streaming simply means digitally distributing video and audio content over the Internet. With rising […]

→  July 17, 2018

iStock.com/MaYcaL MedReleaf Stock There are few companies that have performed as well as MedReleaf Corp (OTCMKTS:MEDFF, TSE:LEAF) has over the past three months. While the marijuana market has, for the most part, had a good run over the past three months since the correction abated, MedReleaf has shown immense growth over that time, soaring over 50%. […]

→  July 16, 2018

iStock.com/wutwhanfoto Cryptocurrency News Cryptocurrencies traded sideways since our last report on cryptos. However, I noticed something interesting when playing around with Yahoo! Finance’s cryptocurrency screener: There are profitable pockets in this market. Incidentally, Yahoo’s screener is far superior to the one on CoinMarketCap, so if you’re looking to compare digital assets, I highly recommend it. […]

→  July 15, 2018

iStock.com/bluebay2014 GHDX Stock: The Path of Least Resistance Is Toward Higher Stock Prices The current market environment seems very shortsighted. The reason I say that is, every time there is an escalation in this tit-for-tat trade war, the market sells off for a single day and then shrugs it off the next—and higher values prevail. […]

→  July 14, 2018

iStock.com/MaYcaL Marijuana News Today In the marijuana news today is further evidence of how federal government policies in the U.S. are hindering institutional investors from getting involved in the marijuana industry—to the pot stock market’s detriment. Yesterday, we examined how institutional investors were staying at arm’s length from the industry, refusing to purchase large stakes […]

→  July 13, 2018

iStock.com/marchmeena29 Wireless Technology to Power InterDigital Stock Higher Mobile technology has advanced beyond our imagination, and demand for higher speeds and data connectivity continues to grow. Industry players have been working on new technologies to handle this trend and take us to a new era of wireless networking. The days of waiting seem to be […]

→  July 12, 2018

iStock.com/PromesaArtStudio Marijuana News Today The marijuana news today reveals another big win for U.S. cannabis legalization as the top federal prosecutor in Massachusetts released a statement saying that federal authorities will refrain from clamping down on the now-legal pot industry in the state. Andrew Lelling, the United States attorney for Massachusetts, said that marijuana will […]

→  July 11, 2018

iStock.com/Betka82 Marijuana News Today In the marijuana news today, we’re seeing several states gear up for ballot fights that could determine the future of U.S. marijuana legalization. Meanwhile, smaller towns are pushing back in areas where the drug is already available. November is already set to see Michigan vote on whether to legalize recreational marijuana, […]