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→  August 9, 2018

iStock.com/Kai_Wong Marijuana News Today With all eyes on the fast-approaching Canadian marijuana legalization, the marijuana news today brings up some troubling questions—namely, are we headed toward a marijuana supply shortage? There is no other event more important to marijuana stocks for the remainder of 2018 than Canadian marijuana legalization on October 17. Pot stocks will […]

→  August 8, 2018

iStock.com/OlyaSolodenko Marijuana News Today: Pot Industry Heats Up You may not immediately associate chewing gum with pot in your mind, but that soon could change, as the marijuana news today features William Wrigley Jr. II, billionaire heir to the Wrigley gum fortune, jumping in with both feet into the pot industry. Wrigley Jr., through his […]

→  August 7, 2018

iStock.com/Rex_Wholster Marijuana News Today: Nevada Marijuana Legalization The numbers are in, and the marijuana news today shows that the Nevada marijuana legalization process can be deemed as nothing but an unmitigated success—as far as revenue numbers go, at least. Sales and tax collection numbers have already surpassed year-end projections by 25%. That, frankly, is amazing. […]

→  August 6, 2018

iStock.com/Naoak_Shutter NIHD Stock: Moving Like a Freight Train Toward Higher Prices It is very seldom that come I across stocks that go on a perpetual move toward higher prices, which is why I am returning to focus on NII Holdings Inc (NASDAQ:NIHD) stock. NII Holdings stock has gone on a complete tear since I originally focused […]

→  August 5, 2018

iStock.com/Natali_Mis SGEN Stock: The Path of Least Resistance Is Toward Higher Prices I am focusing on Seattle Genetics, Inc. (NASDAQ:SGEN) stock because I happen to believe that it is destined for higher prices. My beliefs are based on a number of technical indications that were generated on the Seattle Genetics stock chart, which continue to augur further […]

→  August 4, 2018

iStock.com/Dmitriy83 Marijuana News Today: New York Marijuana Legalization In a familiar story in 2018, the marijuana news today has yet another state signaling that it is ready for recreational marijuana legalization. This time by way of New York marijuana legalization now being supported by the state’s governor, Andrew Cuomo. Cuomo released a statement that detailed […]

→  August 3, 2018

iStock.com/Creative-Family Marijuana News Today The marijuana news today marks another entrant into the growing pool of alcohol companies looking to invest in the marijuana space. This time, it’s Molson Coors Brewing Co (NYSE:TAP) that has joined the list, partnering with Hydropothecary Corp (OTCMKTS:HYYDF, TSE:HEXO) to bring marijuana-infused drinks to Canada come legalization. The joint venture will see […]

→  August 2, 2018

iStock.com/Rex_Wholster Marijuana News Today The marijuana news today is a return to form with another major victory in the war on anti-marijuana legislation. It’s a well-worn process we’ve seen play out countless times; there’s medical marijuana legalization, followed by decriminalization for casual use, followed by recreational marijuana legalization. It appears that New York is following […]

→  August 1, 2018

iStock.com/ymgerman GOOG Stock Jumps on Q2 Earnings As we come to the end of earnings season, tech stocks are a mixed bag: some are flying high, while others (I’m looking at you Mark Zuckerberg!) are coming apart at the seams. Shareholders of Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG)—also known as Google—have nothing to worry about though, since GOOG stock […]

→  July 31, 2018

iStock.com/Aramyan Lantheus: A Battered-Down Small-Cap Medical Devices Play That’s Worth a Look In the healthcare medical devices segment, a beaten-down small-cap medical devices stock trading at a potentially rewarding risk-to-reward ratio is Lantheus Holdings Inc (NASDAQ:LNTH). It is a developer of advanced echocardiography and nuclear diagnostic imaging technologies for analyzing the heart, brain, lungs, and other […]