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→  April 21, 2018

iStock.com/phongphan5922 ForeScout Technologies Outperforming the Nasdaq For those looking for a small-cap cybersecurity trade that could return some strong alpha over the longer term, consider Forescout Technologies Inc (NASDAQ:FSCT). FSCT stock debuted at $22.00 in its initial public offering (IPO) in October 2017 and traded as high as $37.79 on March 12, 2018. While the […]

→  April 20, 2018

iStock.com/Yarygin Best Marijuana Stocks on the Nasdaq If anything can take investor interest away from cryptocurrencies this year, it is weed. In fact, thanks to marijuana legalization in many U.S. states and with Canada all set to embrace marijuana, I’d go one step further and say that marijuana has already started to draw the focus […]

→  April 19, 2018

iStock.com/daoleduc Marijuana ETFs in the U.S. Before this week, it would have been hard for me to recommend jumping into marijuana ETF stocks in 2018. The industry had been undergoing a massive correction, so, naturally, an ETF that tracks marijuana stocks would not have been the best investment at the time. But, with the recent […]

→  April 18, 2018

iStock.com/Peshkova GENE Stock: A Powerful Price Pattern in Development The wild swings that have characterized the first quarter of 2018 continue, and emotions are running high as investors are trying to come to grips with a number of market-moving events. This uneasiness in the markets has caused the volatility index to remain elevated, and it […]