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→  February 21, 2014

Cayuga Pure Organics Owner Erick SmithThe Finger Lakes Climate Fund has awarded its eighth carbon offset grant to a local business.  Late last spring, a dreadful fire destroyed the barn at Cayuga Pure Organics (CPO) in Brooktondale, NY along with all the equipment they used for cleaning and packaging organic dry beans and grains grown […]

→  February 20, 2014

Energy and carbon management firm, Pangolin Associates, says in three and a half years of trading Pangolin clients have offset almost 110,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions (precisely 109,809 tonnes as of February 2014). For some clients offsetting is part of the carbon neutral certification process under the National Carbon Offset Standard (NCOS). Many others […]

→  February 18, 2014

Oslo, 17 February 2014 China’s Certified Emission Reduction (CCER) programme will generate credits that can be used to offset carbon emissions in the domestic pilot compliance markets. The National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) will guide the development of this market by controlling approval of certain projects, leading to a much lower offsets supply than […]

→  February 17, 2014

EMERYVILLE, CA — (Marketwired) — 02/13/14 — California’s first forest carbon offset project under the California Compliance Offset Protocol developed for U.S. Forest Projects has been registered, marking a milestone in the statewide Cap-and-Trade Program. SCS Global Services verified that the Yurok Tribe/Forest Carbon Partners CKGG Improved Forest Management Project avoided more than 800,000 metric […]