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→  November 27, 2011

Gary Speed made his 500th Premier League appearance while at Bolton 3:53pm UK, Sunday November 27, 2011 Gary Speed, who has died aged 42, played nearly 700 times for Leeds, Everton, Newcastle, Bolton and Sheffield United in a 22-season career and made 85 appearances for Wales. Born in Mancot, Flintshire in 1969, the midfielder started […]

→  November 27, 2011

To view this content you need Flash and Javascript enabled in your browser. Please download Flash from the Adobe download website. 4:22pm UK, Sunday November 27, 2011 Wales football manager Gary Speed has been found hanged at his home aged 42. A statement posted on the Welsh FA’s website said: “The Football Association of Wales […]

Egyptian protesters ‘blasted by policeman who targets eyes’ →  November 26, 2011

  At least five protesters have been shot in the eye during demonstrations Clashes came after two days of peace One man, 21, died after being hit by a state security vehicle Demonstrators reject army choice for prime minister By Jessica Satherley Last updated at 3:13 PM on 26th November 2011 An Egyptian police officer, […]

Mars Mission: Nasa Robot Heads For Red Planet →  November 26, 2011

A robot built to roam Mars in search of signs that the planet could have supported life has been launched without a hitch by Nasa. The one-ton robot – Nasa’s largest and most sophisticated – was launched on an unmanned rocket from Florida’s Cape Canaveral on schedule just after 3pm UK time. The car-sized buggy, […]

→  November 26, 2011

To view this content you need Flash and Javascript enabled in your browser. Please download Flash from the Adobe download website. 4:18pm UK, Saturday November 26, 2011 An elderly widow has died after muggers stole her handbag containing her husband’s ashes. Nellie Geraghty, 79, suffered fatal head injuries as she desperately tried to cling onto […]

Shocking CCTV footage shows the moment robber takes shop assistant hostage and holds a knife to her throat →  November 25, 2011

This incredible footage reveals the heroism of a jeweller who saved his assistant from a knife-wielding robber with nothing more than a handful of books and a broom. The thug is seen grabbing the female shop assistant from behind in Harrolds Discount Store, Dagenham, east London, and holding a knife to her throat. Without a moment’s hesitation her […]

Passengers Face 12-Hour Queues During Strike →  November 25, 2011

Passengers travelling through Heathrow airport next week have been warned they may have to queue for up to 12 hours when immigration officers go on strike. Heathrow’s operating officer Normand Boivin warned: “Modelling of the impacts of strike action on passenger flows at Heathrow show that there are likely to be very long delays of […]

James Ryan killed while skiing in Italian Alps →  November 24, 2011

Experienced skier James Ryan died while skiing in the Italian alps A British skier has spoken about the moment he surfed ahead of a huge avalanche that killed his friend in the Alps. James Ryan, 36, suffocated under two metres of snow but Stephen Wilkinson, 36 survived the accident as they skied off-piste in Val […]

Max Mosley: Nazi Claims ‘Enormously Damaging’ →  November 24, 2011

Former motorsport boss Max Mosley has described his and his family’s distress at the “completely untrue” and “enormously damaging” claims printed about him in the News Of The World. Mr Mosley told the Leveson Inquiry into media ethics that an article claiming he had taken part in a “Nazi orgy” in the Sunday tabloid was […]

JK Rowling: Journalists Drove Me From My Home →  November 24, 2011

Author JK Rowling has told an inquiry into media ethics that media intrusion forced her to leave the home she bought with the advance for the first Harry Potter novel. She told the inquiry into press standards she felt like a “sitting duck” after a photograph was published of the house number and street name. […]

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