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BOYERTOWN, Pa., Dec. 3, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — ClimeCo celebrates the commencement of another secondary-catalyst GHG emissions abatement system project, only the fifth of its kind constructed within the United States.

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The emissions project will abate the carbon footprint of a recently expanded East Dubuque, IL fertilizer plant owned and operated by Rentech Nitrogen Partners (“Rentech Nitrogen”). Rentech Nitrogen will be the only fertilizer company in the United States to abate N2O at two nitric acid plants at one location – a testament to the success of their first N2O abatement project, which utilized tertiary technology.

Carbon offsets generated by Rentech Nitrogen’s second abatement system will be sold to market participants, providing financial justification to associated project implementation costs.

ClimeCo is seeing a renewed interest in diversified emissions offset portfolios, especially by large market participants.  Carbon offsets provide a lower-cost supply of GHG reductions into the Cap-and-Trade market to meet emissions obligations.

High N2O conversion rates and financial incentives make catalytic emissions abatement technology a full-circle solution,” stated ClimeCo president, William Flederbach.

Rentech Nitrogen’s second abatement project complements the recent milestone announcement of 40 million carbon credits issued by the Climate Action Reserve.  Two N2O abatement projects under ClimeCo’s management measured up to the Reserve’s Top Ten List of Largest Carbon Offset Projects.

Key contributors to the project are BASF, provider of the secondary abatement catalyst; and Alloy Engineering, fabricator of the catalyst support grid and sealing ring.

Project installation is on schedule for December 2013 and the project is expected to begin generating offsets in January. The output of the project is projected to be 117,000 metric tonnes of carbon offsets, annually.

About ClimeCo ClimeCo Corporation is a respected advisor of environmental commodity market products and developer of turn-key clean air technology systems. Within the Climate Action Reserve, ClimeCo is the largest producer of voluntary carbon credits, managing projects that generate in excess of 3 million credits per year.  Deep-rooted partnerships with trading, investment and technology firms further amplify ClimeCo’s service menu to provide collaborative, full-circle solutions that reduce emissions and fulfill environmental obligations. Contact Cynthia Jackson, Public Relations Manager @ (484) 415-0501 or

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