Aviva creates methodology to measure CO2 offsetting projects

August 29th, 20133:33 am @


Aviva has offset 126,555 tonnes of carbon emissions through environmental projects. Now the company has been able to robustly measure and report on the additional benefits its carbon offset programmes have had on local communities using the LBG Framework – a peer reviewed methodology which quantifies and measures corporate community investment, developed with ClimateCare.

Although Aviva has been carbon neutral for many years, this new methodology reveals that in the last two years alone, Aviva’s carbon offset programme has positively impacted the lives of more than 200,000 people through two projects – LifeStraw Carbon for Water in Kenya and Envirofit Efficient Stoves in India.

Zelda Bentham, head of environment and climate change at Aviva, said: “We have always been committed to offsetting our environmental impacts, but we also wanted to make sure our programmes delivered a broader community impact.

“Using this methodology we can demonstrate the full value of offsetting our carbon emissions. In the last two years we’ve offset 126,555 tonnes of carbon emissions through two environmental projects, and that’s directly led to improvements in the lives of more than 200,000 people. It’s what our customers and investors expect so it’s really important we can credibly show this.”

Since it was founded in 1997, ClimateCare has become a world leader in dual impact ‘Climate and Development’ projects, which both reduce emissions and deliver measurable improvements for local communities and the environment.

“All our projects measurably improve people’s lives,” explains ClimateCare director, Edward Hanraha. “Many, such as our efficient cookstove and water projects, which Aviva supports, are centred around people and vulnerable communities – providing safe water, improving health, creating jobs and stimulating local economies. Our clients see the value of taking an integrated approach to sustainability and we are always keen to help them talk about the full impacts of their actions in a robust and recognised way.”

In 2006 Aviva was the first global insurance group to offset its entire operational emissions and it remains carbon neutral. In recent years Aviva has worked closely with experts at ClimateCare to improve lives and protect the environment.

Article source: http://www.eaem.co.uk/news/aviva-creates-methodology-measure-co2-offsetting-projects