Carl Mills Jailed For 30 Years Over Fire Deaths

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A man has been found guilty of three counts of murder after causing a fire that killed three generations of one family at a home in Wales.

Carl Mills is to serve a minimum of 30 years in jail, with no guarantee of ever being released.

Grandmother Kim Buckley, 46, daughter Kayleigh 17, and granddaughter Kimberley, six months, all died when the blaze ripped through their home in Cwmbran, South Wales, in September last year.

Thick smoke and flames quickly spread from the main porch to the stairs, cutting off all escape routes.

Fire ripped through the house in South Wales

Frantic neighbours watched in despair as teenager Kayleigh was seen trapped at an upstairs window screaming for help.

Mills, a 28-year-old unemployed alcoholic, was the father of the baby and on-off partner of Kayleigh.

He stood unemotional and apparently disinterested as the jury at Newport Crown Court delivered three unanimous guilty verdicts.

Trial judge Mr Justice Wyn Williams said: “There is no saying whether you will ever be released.”

Mills sat leaning on his arm as the judge made his comments and did not look up.

Family and friends then burst into applause as Mills was taken away.

The judge commended them for the “great dignity” with which they had behaved throughout.

Smoke and flames quickly spread from the porch to the stairs

Mills had bombarded his partner with threatening texts and, convinced she was inside with another man, warned: “I will burn your house down.”

Within hours, the three were dead.

Baby Kimberley, born 13 weeks premature, was at home for the first time after being discharged from hospital that day.

Homeless Mills, who had been banned from seeing Kimberley unsupervised, was living in a tent in the front garden. 

The victims’ family said that “justice has been served”.

The blaze cut all escape routes

“Carl Mills starts a life sentence for three murders but for us, the family and friends of Kim, Kayleigh and Kimberley, our life sentence started on September 18 last year when three beautiful innocent people were torn from our lives,” said a statement issued on behalf of the family by Gwent Police.

“Our lives are never going to be the same again but we ask to be left in peace to come to terms with our losses.”

Mills was arrested within the confines of the family’s back garden a short time after the police arrived at the scene of the fire.

Officers later recovered Kayleigh’s mobile phone and seized three mobile phones from Mills himself.

That led them to discover massive message traffic between the pair, including threats made by Mills.

“It was very clear from the text messages that he was making threats to kill. Threats to kill using arson. Exactly what happened,” Detective Superintendent Peter Jones said.

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