Drivers should buy offsets

July 13th, 20137:09 pm @


Dear Editor:

In response to the June 30 North Shore News article “Cars still favoured by majority of local commuters,” I have a suggestion for those of us who drive: consider purchasing carbon offsets once a year to reduce your carbon footprint.

For example, if you drive 20,000 kilometres per year, that produces five tonnes of greenhouse gases. A small, $81 investment in a wind, solar or other renewable energy project will offset these emissions.

I see this as an investment in my future, just like retirement savings or an RESP for my daughter.

We can no longer skirt responsibility for global warming: if you drive, it is your responsibility to offset. There are many suppliers of offsets, but my research showed that the most reputable supplier is J. P. Morgan (climatecare. org). They provide an online calculator to quickly determine how many offsets you require.

Mark Daly North Vancouver

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