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CO2 Australia and Yonderr (a subsidiary of CO2 Australia), in partnership with Rip Curl, are pleased to announce they will be offsetting the carbon emissions of the Rip Curl Pro Surfing Event at Bells Beach, Torquay, Victoria which will be held from 27 March to 7 April, 2013.

The carbon emissions being offset include the energy generated to stage the Rip Curl Pro as well as the emissions generated by the competitors and officials travelling to and from the event over the ten days of competition. The expected 20,000 spectators attending the world’s oldest surfing event are being encouraged to add $1 to their ticket price per day to offset their own emissions for each day of their attendance.

Since 2008 Rip Curl and Yonderr have been offsetting the emissions of the Rip Curl Pro Surfing Event and have supported a range of projects including planting thousands of native trees in Australia, establishing clean energy wind farms in India, and reducing methane released from landfills in the USA.

“We’re delighted to be offsetting the carbon emissions of this world-class surfing event,” said Andrew Grant, CEO, CO2 Australia. “In previous years the amount of carbon produced at this event has been approximately 370 tonnes.”

Carbon offsetting is a way for people and businesses to invest in projects that prevent or reduce greenhouse gas emissions from being released into the atmosphere.  If, for every one tonne of carbon dioxide emitted you save another tonne from being emitted, through supporting programs like tree planting, you’ve offset one tonne of your emissions.

To accurately assess how many tonnes of carbon should be offset, Yonderr will undertake an environmental assessment into the emissions to stage the event (energy use and so forth), the travel arrangements of the 54 competitors (36 men and 54 women) as well as the 200 staff and officials.  All of the energy usage and carbon offset figures receive external verification and are independently audited.

“At Rip Curl, we’re serious about reducing our environmental footprint,” said Rip Curl, CEO, Stephan Kay.  “As well as offsetting the carbon emissions at the Rip Curl Pro, we run a recycling and waste wise program which in 2012 saw more than 54% of the waste generated at the event diverted to recycling.  This compares to only 26% diverted to recycling in 2007.”

As part of Rip Curl’s commitment to the local environment, since 2000 the company has teamed with local community groups for the annual Rip Curl Planet Days.  Over two days the company commits the time of all staff from the Rip Curl International head office in Torquay, Victoria.

Under the guidance of local representatives from environmentally responsible groups Rip Curl employees plant trees, eradicate foreign species threatening local plants, implement water saving strategies and generally tackle any task that ensures the ongoing sustainability of strategic locations along Victoria’s Surf Coast.

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