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Recent news headlines are proclaiming trouble in carbon markets. Questions are being raised about the world’s global system of carbon trading, the United Nations’ backed Clean Development Mechanism, due to the lack of firm guarantees by governments to support the system beyond this year. And the EU’s Emissions Trading Scheme, the oldest and largest carbon market in the world, has been roiled by drastically falling prices. Despite these difficulties, some companies are growing their successful strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Just Green Community, Just Energy Group’s green energy initiative, has added a new service to its portfolio. Called JustGreen Business Advantage, it is a new green energy initiative designed to help businesses neutralize their carbon output and do their share to slow global warming and climate change. The service allows customers to pursue renewable and sustainable energy solutions that support green energy projects across North America.

The program offers three participation levels: Select, Plus and Elite. Each one of them comprises a monthly membership plan designed to assist companies of all sizes reduce their carbon footprint through investment in carbon offsets. Members will benefit from a host of marketing assets designed to help them promote to employees and
customers their commitment to environmental sustainability.

“We are excited to offer JustGreen Business Advantage as a carbon offset product for businesses large and small who desire a simple and effective solution to reduce and neutralize their carbon emissions in the battle against global warming”, says GP Manalac, JustGreen Executive VP. “More and more, companies are noting the competitive advantage to be gained by environmental stewardship through enhanced corporate reputation among a growing number of environmentally conscious consumers.”

Participants also have the option to allocate the carbon offsets to a green energy project that is meaningful to them. This way they can support local communities and economies through job creation and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. Green projects include solar, hydro, wind power, and methane capture facilities. Third party verified, the
carbon offset products meet the highest industry standards available.

On behalf of its customers, the company has invested over $70 million on green energy projects to date. This investment has enabled clients to offset over 1.23 million metric tons of carbon emissions, the equivalent to taking 240,000 cars off the road for an entire year. It has also generated 4 million MWh of renewable energy, which is enough to power over 380,000 homes for an entire year.

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