Kirstie Allsopp’s Twitter attack on childbirth charity

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Kirstie Allsopp has become embroiled in a Twitter row with the UK’s biggest parenting charity.

The TV presenter attacked the National Childbirth Trust over its pro-natural birth stance, dismissing its advice as ‘b*******’ and calling it ‘a politicised, dogmatic and scary organisation’.

The controversial tweets to her 272,000 followers prompted one NCT teacher to threaten her with legal action.

Critical: The 41-year-old television presenter called the National Childbirth Trust a ‘politicised, dogmatic and scary organisation’

Miss Allsopp made the comments after listening to a discussion on Radio 4’s Today programme involving the chief executive of the NCT and an author on childbirth.

The writer, Linda Geddes, claimed she had been given poor pregnancy advice by the NCT,  and that staff had not fully informed her of the ‘downsides’ of natural birth.

Miss Allsopp, whose two sons were both delivered by caesarean, suggested on Twitter that the NCT deliberately failed to offer enough information about the procedure in their antenatal classes, which are attended by more than 100,000 couples every year.

She wrote: ‘Turn to BBC Radio 4 for talk of a book about all the absurd myths surrounding pregnancy birth. More NCT b******* as usual though. Lots of people have good NCT experiences, but many don’t. This is a very politicised, dogmatic and in my experience, scary organisation.’

Twitter-fury: Kirstie Allsopp, whose two sons were delivered by caesarean section, attacked the National Childbirth Trust’s pro-natural birth stance on Twitter

Miss Allsopp, 41, has two sons, Bay, six, and Oscar, four, with her property developer partner Ben Andersen.

Her comments drew a furious response from NCT supporters.

Sarah Johnson tweeted: ‘Just to let you know: As an NCT teacher, I am going to request we consult lawyers re your tweets.’

Its chief executive, Belinda Phipps, said yesterday: ‘NCT antenatal courses cover all the topics that are relevant to expectant and new parents, including giving birth by caesarean section. The content of the course is also influenced by the expressed needs and wants of the small group attending, which means that some topics may be discussed at more length than others.

‘We encourage feedback on all our courses and ask anyone who isn’t satisfied to contact us directly.’

Last night Miss Allsopp told the Daily Mail: ‘I feel that most women want to have a natural birth – I wanted to do that – but I was told I couldn’t for various reasons.

‘Sometimes it isn’t possible and a caesarean section is necessary. I feel that women should be prepared for that too and not made to feel that they have failed in some way if they don’t give birth naturally.’

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My ante-natal classes didn’t even mention Caesareans; there was hardly any information on pain relief, either, so much so that when push came to shove I didn’t know what was best for me and spent far too long on the gas and air alone ( when I could prise the mask out of my husband’s hands, that is – he seemed to view it as a perk!). At least he couldn’t share the pethidine, but thanks to my relative ignorance, I was offered that a bit late in my labour.


Ossett, United Kingdom,
04/1/2013 08:45

So one uptight teacher equals legal action on the part of the NCT? Great repeating again, DM.


Hampton Hill,
04/1/2013 08:45


only me

04/1/2013 08:45

I had a cesarean as my baby was breach. The treatment by the theatre staff was superb. However, prior to this I was questioned and frowned upon by the consultant for refusing to have my baby manually turned – which I was grossly put off by 2 midwife friends of mine who had said DON’T DO IT. Then as my baby was delivered, the cord was wrapped around her neck. Good job I had the section.


04/1/2013 08:44

In brief, here, here Kirsty!


04/1/2013 08:43

My experience of both NCT and NHS antenatal groups was very similar. No real coverage of c-section and absolutely NO coverage on bottle feeding. Its about time both groups gave a more balanced and realistic view of having a child.

Yummy Mummy of 3

04/1/2013 08:42



Southampton uk,
04/1/2013 08:42

Totally agree. NCT as so religious in their views; natural birth, breastfeeding, how you and your husband should deal with it all etc etc.
You are a total failure if you disagree, cant perform or do it differently.

well done Kirsty – backing you all the way!!


04/1/2013 08:42

Your comments:
I had two emergency c-sections with my boys and was unable to breastfeed. NCT made me feel like a complete failure – we all want to give our children the best start in life but if nature dictates otherwise you just thank your lucky stars they survived.


04/1/2013 08:42

Go Kirsty…she was just expressing views.
19 years ago I was made to feel a bit inadequate by not having a fully natural birth and not being able to feed my baby myself.
Glad to report she is doing well and at uni studying an msc!
As long as the kids are healthy the mums have done their jobs!

Mrs M

04/1/2013 08:42

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