Minister Chloe Smith proposes to boyfriend Sandy McFadzean after whirlwind 4-month romance

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She was famously savaged by Jeremy Paxman on Newsnight but government minister Chloe Smith was fearless in popping the question to her boyfriend after a four-month romance.

Miss Smith said she wanted to strike a blow for equality when she proposed to Sandy McFadzean, 34 at the weekend.

The 30-year-old, who was moved from the Treasury after her famous car-crash interview defending government policy became an internet hit, had to wait until the next day when Mr McFadzean accepted and produced a diamond ring.

Whirlwind: Norwich North MP Chloe Smith, 30, proposed to her boyfriend Sandy McFadzean, a 34-year-old ex-paratroop officer, after a four month romance

She said it was ‘love at first sight’ when she met her husband-to-be, a former solder, at a charity event in the summer when he had just completed a triathlon.

‘By the time we met that evening, Sandy had swum to shore from the Isle of Wight, cycled 100 miles through the New Forest and run a half marathon into London, and still made it to the charity ball,’ she told the Norwich Evening News.

‘He is welcome to repeat that with a box of Milk Tray any time he likes.

‘I just loved the way Sandy talked. I was instantly attracted to his really relaxed manner and we just hit it off straight away. We share a great interest in the way the world works and what makes people tick.’

He is now a financial consultant with London-based firm Catalyst Development, and after discovering that she was a Treasury minister they formed a ‘Chinese wall’ to not discuss banking policy.

In the reshuffle Miss Smith was moved to the Cabinet Office, working under Nick Clegg.

Miss Smith declared it was ‘love at first sight’ when she met her husband-to-be at a London charity event organised by a mutual friend in the summer

Mr McFadzean did not accept the proposal until the following day, when he used a platinum and diamond ring and to propose in traditional style

Mr McFadzean said: ‘We realised really quickly that we wanted to be together, and we talked early on about the fact that we had found each other and hoped to spend a lot of time together.

‘By some sort of unspoken plan, we started introducing ourselves to each other’s lives. There was a clear sense of direction… and then Chloe decided to short-circuit it.

‘One of the features of our relationship is that we have quite clear views on equality and we are a very equal couple.

‘When we talked about marriage, I think I made some sort of comment along the lines of: “Why does the pressure have to be on me”. The next thing I know she has asked the question.’

In June it was claimed Miss Smith was ‘sacrificed’ by George Osborne by being sent on Newsnight to explain another of his Budget U-turns

Miss Smith insisted ‘the silly man should have known better than to lay such a challenge’ when she popped the question.

‘He didn’t say yes straight away, he was just wide-eyed and beaming. I had been full of it from the beginning. I think it was just shining out of us that we should be together.

‘My parents absolutely loved him, and so did my grand-parents. My brother is in New York, so they have met via Skype. He is also a management consultant.

‘The funny thing is, you should see how organised our wedding spreadsheet is!”

They plan to tie the knot in Norfolk next year.

In June Miss Smith was pitted against veteran interrogator Jeremy Paxman to defend yet another U-turn.

Her subsequent mauling by the BBC’s biggest beast during eight excruciating minutes on Newsnight was described as car-crash television.

Some observers said there should have been a warning to viewers to avert their eyes if they found blood sports offensive.

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Never trust a man called Sandy.


11/12/2012 06:50

Four month ‘romance’ indeed. Lets see how long this lasts.


Huddersfield, United Kingdom,
11/12/2012 06:35

She’s very attractive and pretty but out of her depth politically. MP’s ought to have enough about them to fend of people like Paxman. Good luck to the pair of them, i’d have accepted an offer from her!


Newcastle Upon Tyne,
11/12/2012 04:07

Unless Ed Miliband catastrophically messes up, she will lose her seat at the next election despite the vacuous charm offensive she’s conducted with the local press. She is a waste of space “Cameron Cutie” for Norwich North and deserves to lose her seat. The Newsnight performance was too farcical to be scripted for “The Thick of It” and illustrated Cameron’s incompetence in promoting a ‘management consultant’ to a Treasury position simply because she had worked in that capacity at Deloitte.


11/12/2012 00:55

Idiots, the pair of them.

The one in charge

Far from the maddening crowd, United Kingdom,
11/12/2012 00:54

I wish Chloe well in her marriage. Sorry she had to move from the treasury and seen as she’s doesn’t reply to emailed requests on her voting intentions as an MP, I want to assure her that as a voter in her Norwich ward, I shall be doing my part to help her lose her seat at the next election, I trust UKIP will have the decency to reply, once again, all the best love, enjoy it while it lasts.


just joined UKIP., United Kingdom,
11/12/2012 00:42

They’re almost identical. She wants to marry herself. Weird.


the land of hmmmm, United Kingdom,
10/12/2012 23:08

First name on the invite list…… Paxo ? Perhaps not.


Newcastle upon Tyne,
10/12/2012 23:08

never trust a man with thin lips


10/12/2012 22:58

Maybe another u turn in prospect to look forward to!


Derby, United States,
10/12/2012 22:50

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