Mitchell Row: PC’s Widower Urges PM To Act

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The husband of a policewoman killed in the line of duty has called for the Prime Minister to “take responsibility” for abusive comments allegedly made by Government Chief Whip Andrew Mitchell to an officer in Downing Street.

Mr Mitchell is facing growing calls to resign as the row over what he said continues.

The Conservative MP has denied reports he shouted and swore at a policeman and called him a pleb, but is facing growing calls to resign.

Paul Beshenivsky, whose wife Sharon was killed on duty in 2005, told Sky News that it was time David Cameron intervened in the row.

David Cameron has avoided questions on whether he plans to sack Mr Mitchell

“David Cameron should be responsible for what his ministers say, they are his ministers and they are working with him,” he said.

“Ministers shouldn’t be going round foul-mouthing police officers, especially under the current circumstances.”

It is now being claimed that Mr Mitchell also told officers “You haven’t heard the last of this” after they refused to let him go through the main Downing Street gate on his bike.

Although the former shadow police minister has apologised for not treating officers with due respect, he has denied using some of the language reported.

Labour’s Yvette Cooper called the reported outburst an “utter disgrace”

However John Tully, chairman of the Metropolitan Police Federation, said two officers had made notes of the conversation.

Labour said Mr Mitchell was either accusing the member of Scotland Yard’s diplomatic protection group of lying, or he must have used the foul language, potentially an arrestable offence.

Mr Tully said: “There is a written record of the incident in the officers’ notebooks. I understand that following his tirade to the officers he was warned and he desisted. I think had he continued he would have been arrested.”

He added: “He should resign. As a cabinet minister it’s unacceptable for someone of his standing to use such disrespectful and abusive language to a police constable let alone anyone else.”

Staff at The Sun newspaper say they stand by their story

Liberal Democrat President Tim Farron told Sky News that it was for the Prime Minister to decide if Mr Mitchell can carry on in his government job.

David Cameron has avoided questions about whether he plans to sack Mr Mitchell but condemned his behaviour as “wrong” and “inappropriate”.

Shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper dubbed the reported outburst an “utter disgrace”.

Mr Mitchell, the MP for Sutton Coldfield, said: “While I do not accept that I used any of the words that have been reported, I accept I did not treat the police with the respect they deserve.”

Senior Tory backbencher David Ruffley defended his colleague.

He said: “As a strong supporter of tough, traditional law and order policies, Andrew understands the central importance of police officers in fighting crime and keeping us safe.”

Mr Mitchell, a keen cyclist, was reported by The Sun to also have called the police “morons”.

“Best you learn your f****** place. You don’t run this f****** Government. You’re f****** plebs,” it reported him as saying.

Earlier this year Scotland Yard Commissioner Bernard Hogan-Howe said there “were still opportunities” to arrest members of the public for swearing at police despite a judge ruling that it is not a crime.

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