Rangers to be excluded from SPL fixture list

June 16th, 20129:37 am @


The issue could be deferred until the SPL’s annual general meeting on July 16
but, because of the proximity of the new season which begins on Aug 4, it is
all but certain that a general meeting will be called.

SPL rules specify 14 days’ clear notice, so the first available date for the
general meeting will be Tuesday, July 3.

In the meantime, Ally McCoist will continue as Rangers manager despite his
confrontation with Green on Wednesday, after he had been led to believe that
the former Sheffield United chief executive intended to replace him.

Green described a subsequent meeting with the former Ibrox playing idol as
“very productive” and his new chairman, Malcolm Murray, said of McCoist:
“He’s vital – like Walter Smith he’s got iconic status. His dream was always
to be No for Rangers.

“I’m sure he’s never wanted to leave which some people have said. I’m hoping
to talk to him shortly and I’m over the moon that he’s staying. That was our
major objective.”

Asked about Rangers’ fans fears that the new regime was in place purely to
flip the business after seeing to some restoration of its status, Murray
replied: “That’s definitely not the intention at all. I would not stand for
that quite frankly – that’s not why I came in at all.

“The door is open for anyone to speak with us. My own view is we all get
together, invest and look for board seats rather than have any rivalry going
on. Just a few days ago the Charles Green consortium was the only one that
was prepared to put any money on the table and there’s more money coming in.

“We’re pretty confident the long term interests of Rangers will be looked
after here. Stage one is McCoist being more positive. It’s obviously been a
traumatic time for him and I really feel for him as all fans do.

“To put his mind at rest I will tell him the other people involved are of the
highest integrity. The vision is to have a debt free football club. I think
that will become the new norm. You don’t want to be in the hands of banks –
you want to be in the hands of people who can drive the thing forward.

“At the moment the biggest issue is what league we’ll play in. I’d much rather
we were playing in the SPL.

“We’ve had giant punishments already – a European ban, a 10-point deduction,
the emotional trauma everyone has suffered. I think, for the good of
Scottish football, it’s much better Rangers in the SPL.”

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