Euro 2012: live

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10.00 The FA have just posted this
of the England squad leaving for Kiev. Like a particularly
pricey school trip.

09.51 Ahead of tonight’s Croatia v Italy game, one Croatian fan has
been getting a little too excited. Croatian civil servant Jelena Miksa who
beared her breasts to celebrate the country’s victory over Ireland could be
disciplined by her employers, the culture ministry. “A public sector
work should behave in line with the code,” said a po-faced spokesman.
Let’s hope for Jelena’s sake Italy win tonight…

09.41 Germany’s Mario Gomez is the man of the moment. Here’s our latest
on the reaction to last night’s 2-1 win over traditional rivals
Holland. This is what Joachim Low said, with brilliant

QuoteMario Gomez has always been a fighter type. He has pulled back his form and
these two goals will do him good for sure.

09.32 Ahead of Spain v Ireland tonight, a reminder that Ireland is
certainly capable of providing drama.

09.22 The Swedish team have been speaking out about English arrogance. Here’s
our story.
This is what Anders Svenssonsaid:

QuoteI just think maybe you think you are a little bit better than you are and
we are a little bit better than you think we are. Obviously you have got
big, big names, big, big players. I think you have a great team but I think
you don’t think that much about the Swedish team, never have. I think we are
a good team and are on the same level as England and have been for a long

09.15 Mark Ogden reports that Ireland manager Giovanni Trapattoni is
playing the “win over the locals” card in Poland.

In Poznan, he praised Polish builders for finishing the stadium on time
before talking up his role in making ZbigniewBoniek a Juventus legend after
signing him from Widzew Lodz. Now in Gdansk, the home of the “Solidarity”
movement, Trap has continued the theme by speaking of his delight that
Poland is now realising its true potential as a country. “Poland is my
second home,'” he said. Not bad for a guy who has never lived here!

09.10 Morning all and welcome to day seven of the Euros. What was your
favourite moment from last night? Let
me know

Probably not this one. Ouch.

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