Euro 2012 Violence: Fans Attack Stewards

June 10th, 20125:23 am @


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5:46am UK, Sunday June 10, 2012

Uefa has charged the Russian football association with the “improper conduct” of its supporters after dozens of fans attacked four stewards.

Amateur footage showed supporters punching and kicking the volunteers – including one lying on the ground after being injured – following the team’s opening European Championship match in Poland.

The violence erupted in the concourse area of Wroclaw Municipal Stadium, after Russia’s 4-1 win against the Czech Republic.

Uefa remains entirely committed to the safety and security of all fans and spectators at all matches of Euro 2012

Uefa statement

Four officials were taken to hospital after the clashes but none were badly injured, police spokesman Pawel Petrykowski said.

The beatings lasted for a “few dynamic minutes,” he said, adding it was a “small incident”.

No arrests were made but police said they were examining security footage in an attempt to identify the attackers.

The video was uploaded onto the internet by a user called ‘Oleksiak’.

He said the fans became aggressive after a steward identified one as a person who had thrown what was thought to be a flare.

Violence at Euro 2012

One of the stewards is helped to his feet following the attack

European football’s governing body said in a statement: “Uefa has opened disciplinary proceedings against the Football Union of Russia for the improper conduct of its supporters.”

This relates to “crowd disturbances, the setting off and throwing of fireworks and the display of illicit banners,” it added.

Uefa is also seeking more evidence to investigate reports of “alleged abuse directed at Czech Republic players” during Friday’s match.

In an earlier statement, Uefa said it remained “entirely committed to the safety and security of all fans and spectators at all matches of Euro 2012“.

The attacks followed the arrest of four other Russian supporters, who had allegedly started a fight in a bar in Wroclaw’s old town.

There was also controversy on Thursday, when racist incidents occurred as the Dutch team trained in Krakow.

The football tournament began on Friday, with a colourful opening ceremony in Poland.

England’s first match, against France in Donetsk in Ukraine, takes place on Monday.

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