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Adventure travel company Peregrine and Carbon Neutral have joined forces to offer responsible travellers greener opportunities to explore the world.

The two organisations have established a unique carbon reduction programme with the aim to work towards providing totally carbon neutral travel for Australian customers.

The new project will offset carbon emissions created by Peregrine’s trips, offices and staff travel through biodiverse tree planting in rural Australia and supporting a renewable energy wind farm project in India.

Peregrine has offset their carbon emissions for the past 4 years and this inspiring new environmental project allows Peregrine to continue to reduce its carbon footprint as well as giving customers an unforgettable, low carbon travel experience.

“This is an exciting project for Carbon Neutral, as it combines support for an accredited wind farm project in India as well as helping our ongoing work to revegetate rural Australia through biodiverse tree planting – we’re delighted to partner with a travel company that wants to be at the cutting edge of carbon reduction and sustainability, both abroad and within Australia,” comments Ray Wilson, CEO Carbon Neutral.

“With over 30 years’ experience of providing adventure travel, Peregrine is perfectly positioned to take a lead position on responsible travel and we’re proud to be part of their environmental action plan.”

“Tourism is one of the biggest and most important worldwide industries and we encourage all Australian tour operators to incorporate carbon reduction plans into their business models. At a time when the travel industry is facing unprecedented challenge, we celebrate Peregrine’s commitment to the environment and to making their trips as sustainable as possible,” comments Mr Wilson. 

“By choosing to travel with Peregrine, customers can be confident they’re buying a tour that benefits local communities and helps the environment. We’re proud to invest in Carbon Neutral tree planting projects that offset carbon and create habitat for native wildlife,” comments Peregrine Responsible Travel Manager, Lilli Morgan.

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