Jubilee Weather: Long To Rain Over Us?

June 1st, 201210:58 pm @


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11:41pm UK, Friday June 01, 2012

Sarah Pennock, Sky News weather presenter

Following almost two weeks of sizzling hot temperatures it is time to bring out the raincoats and umbrellas again – Britain is set for a wet Diamond Jubilee weekend.

After a lot of uncertainty, the forecast for the next four days is settling down.

Unfortunately, it is a rather chilly and cold bleak outlook for many parts of the UK.


Probably the best day overall with a fine day. Scotland and eastern England will have the best of the sunshine. Cloud will thicken from the South West, bringing some rain to southwest England, southwest Wales and Northern Ireland by the evening.
It will stay fairly warm across southwest Britain at 18C to 20C (64F to 68F), but it will be cooler elsewhere, particularly for eastern Scotland and northeast England where a high of 12C (54F) is more likely. It will be fine for the Queen’s trip to the Epsom Derby.


It will be wet for most of England, Northern Ireland and Wales, although some northern English counties may stay dry, while Cornwall stands a good chance of brightening up after a wet start.
The rain will be heavy in places too, so it is not good news for those planning to hold street parties.
Scotland will have the best of the weather, staying dry with some brighter spells likely, especially near the east coast.
The rain will not be the only problem – it will cold as well, with temperatures typically in the range of 11C to 14C (52F – 57F) – well below average for the time of year.
A stiff breeze in the South East will make it feel even colder there. Those in London for the Thames River Pageant should be prepared for wet, breezy and chilly conditions.


The forecast is more uncertain that far ahead, but it is set to be another cool, rather cloudy day, with showers for Scotland and fairly light rain for England and Wales, particularly in the southeast of England.


The day will be a little warmer, but it will stay unsettled, with outbreaks of rain spreading from the South West.

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