Sunburn Warning Amid Breezy Hot Spell

May 26th, 20126:03 pm @


Stephanie Koch and daughter Kadie, three, walk through a field in Whitley Bay.

Staying protected: Stephanie Koch and daughter Kadie, three, walk through a field in Whitley Bay on Saturday

5:04pm UK, Saturday May 26, 2012

Forecasters have warned people risk getting badly burned in Britain’s unbroken sunshine if they let their guard down because of cool breezes.

With the country enjoying clear skies and unseasonably warm weather, and some parts hotter than in mainland Europe and Africa in recent days, UV levels are high.

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Experts have urged sun-seekers to keep themselves protected even in windy conditions.

Sky News weather producer Joanna Robinson said: “It’s sunny and hot out there again, but there’s a refreshing breeze for many, which is masking the strong sunshine.

Two girls wave streamers at Whitby Abbey.

Children enjoy the sunshine in North Yorkshire

“Gusts between 35mph and 40mph have been reported in exposed areas. It’s important not to forget how strong the sun is at this time of the year.”

The warm weather is expected to continue throughout the weekend, after the hottest day of the year so far on Friday.

The mercury reached 28.7C (83.6F) in Kinlochewe in the Highlands, and 28.5C (83.3F) in Bournemouth compared with a peak of 25C in Barcelona and 24C in Athens.

Temperatures are expected to top 27C in places on Sunday, with northwest Scotland, northwest England, the Midlands and the London area getting the best weather.

Sunday is expected to have lighter winds than Saturday, so it will probably feel warmer.

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Robinson added: “Sunday temperatures will be similar to Saturday’s, with plenty of sunshine, but it’ll feel warmer, with light winds.

“There are a few exceptions though – southwest England and southern Ireland will be cooler, with a few showers. Some coastal areas of northeast England and eastern Scotland will also be misty and cool.”

It will start to cool off in the coming days. Monday is set to see a high of 25C and Tuesday 23C.

It will be the middle of next week before temperatures begin to fall significantly towards the seasonal average, according to forecasters. They will drop to about 20C or 21C on Wednesday and then into the high teens on Thursday.

Looking ahead to the Diamond Jubilee celebrations next weekend, forecasters say the weather could be fine but not as warm as recently.

Robinson went on: “It’s still a long way off in weather terms, but there are early indications that the Jubilee Weekend will be mainly dry and pleasantly warm, but there’ll be a risk of showers for some.

“With many outdoor activities during the celebrations, it’s worth keeping an eye on the forecast over the coming few days.”

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