liberals hopelessly confused on carbon

May 20th, 20125:34 pm @


The Liberal Party has again demonstrated they either don’t understand the price on carbon, or they’re prepared to misrepresent the facts, the Minister for Energy, Bryan Green said today.

“The Tasmanian Government has a plan to deliver immediate power price relief to households from 1 July and we won’t be distracted by blatant politicking from the likes of Will Hodgman and Matthew Groom, he said.

“Either the Liberals don’t understand the impacts of the price of carbon, or they’re trying to con Tasmanians into swallowing another simplistic line on power prices.

“The Liberals don’t mention the fact that the Commonwealth has already announced compensation measures.

“They also ignore our moves to reduce the price of wholesale energy, to contain imminent price rises, which will be offset by the money that will come to Hydro as a result of the price on carbon.”

Mr Green said the Government had a comprehensive plan aimed at delivering immediate power price relief, and reforming the energy sector.

“Today, the Tasmanian Liberals have effectively wedged themselves,” he said.

“They’re now threatening to oppose a measure that they’ve been advocating for the better part of two years and Matthew Groom, who once said the price on carbon was necessary and inevitable, is now saying it should be wound back.

“The Liberals have no position, they’re just about playing politics.

“In contrast, the Tasmanian people know where we stand and what we’re doing to deliver power price relief.”

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