Breivik Survivor: I Tasted Blood And The Bullet

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Anders Behring Breivik in court on May 15

Breivik showed no emotion as he entered court on Tuesday

12:20pm UK, Tuesday May 15, 2012

A young woman who survived multiple gunshot wounds inflicted by right-wing extremist Anders Breivik at a youth camp in Norway has told a court about being shot in the face.

Ina Rangones, 22, stunned the courtroom as she described her escape from Breivik after suffering the wounds last year.

“I got shot in my face, both forearms and left breast. Then I ran,” she said.

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“I remember the feeling of being shot. I thought my hands were shot off as I couldn’t feel anything,” Ms Rangones added.

Shot through the jaw she “tasted blood and the bullet”.

Ms Rangones, who now hides facial scars under make-up, added: “I thought to myself, ‘So this is how it is to die.'”

“I was sure I was going to die,” Ms Rangones, who has continued with academic studies, said.

After the massacre she was transferred by boat from Utoya to the mainland and en route told a friend not to look at her awful injuries.

But her friend said: “No, you are beautiful.”

Sky’s Trygve Sorvaag, reporting from inside the court, said: “Her witness testimony brought out tears from here inside court room 250.

“She touches everyone with her story.”

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Marta-Johanne Svendsen, 17, also recounted how the mass killer shot her in the arm while she was in a tented area.

“It was like being hit by a bat,” Ms Svendsen said, while avoiding eye contact with Breivik.

Running away from the scene, she hid under a bed in the school house until she was eventually rescued and given first aid.

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“I saw a dead person in the water when I was rescued. There were at least 10 dead bodies on the mainland,” she said.

A 32-year-old volunteer first aid worker, Even Andre, unwittingly arrived at Utoya on the same barge journey as Breivik.

Mr Andre told the court how he got people to barricade the old school house on the island as Breivik stalked outside.

The killer was finally arrested just 50 yards from the building after Mr Andre, who volunteered annually at the youth camp, helped 47 people survive.

Sky’s Sorvaag said: “The volunteer first aider broke down when he received a Christmas card last year – he thought of the victims who got none.

“He is a lorry driver but feels he is no longer safe to drive as a result of what he experienced on Utoya. He also suffers nightmares each night.”

A total of six survivors are due to give evidence today.

Their testimony follows Monday’s chilling accounts by five survivors of the massacre on Utoya island on July 22 where 69 of Breivik’s 77 victims died.

Utoeya shooting

Marius Hoft watched his best friend fall down a Utoya cliff face to his death. Pic: Rex Pictures

Marius Hoft, 18, told the court how he clung to a cliff on Utoya for hours to avoid being shot by Breivik.

“I started crying, but decided to wait with the tears until I was in safety. I decided to stay alive,” he said.

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Before embarking on his shooting rampage, Breivik bombed the government building that houses the Prime Minister’s offices in Oslo, killing eight people.

Breivik, 33, has been charged with committing “acts of terror” but although he admits he carried out the attacks, he refuses to plead guilty, insisting they were “cruel but necessary”.

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