Joey Barton launches Twitter attack on Alan Shearer after Match of the Day pundit blasts his assult on Sergio Aguero

May 14th, 201211:16 am @


He posted: “Shearers still on my case… I know I f***** up Alan, thanks
for stating the obvious.

“Whilst were both stating the obvious about each other, can I just say
for the record what a great player u were. Well better me…

“But I have a better hair (which is not hard), wear well better shirts on
TV and have a personality (something u lack).

“P.S. My final point, ur a s*** pundit/manager…

“I really don’t like that p****, in fact I honestly despise him…

MotD presenter Gary Lineker claimed Barton’s attack on Shearer was an attempt
to deflect attention away from his conduct.

And Barton, refusing to let sleeping dogs lie, today once more took to
tweeting about the incident, this time denying Lineker’s accusations.

He posted: “No deflections here mate. Think the fact about 100m people
seen it will see to that. Just don’t like how he gets personal…”

He added: “Right enough about yesterday, I apologise to everyone offended
by it. If that’s not enough for some, so be it. Life is too short.

“Things happen on the pitch, in the heat of battle sometimes. Not how we
always plan them to happen.

“For there are brighter sides to life and I should know because I seen
them, but not very often…”

Barton will serve an automatic four-match ban for the red card. However, he
seems certain to face additional sanctions from the FA for his subsequent
attacks on Aguero and Kompany which, with the add-ons for previous
dismissals, could see him start next season with a nine-match suspension.

Barton tweeted: “Can do nothing but apologise to the players and fans.

“Still don’t think it is a sending off.

“Still not my proudest moment but who gives a f***. We are safe.

“The head was never gone at any stage. Once I’d been sent off, one of our
players suggested I should try to take 1 of theirs with me. Never worked but
god loves a trier.

“Think a few people are forgetting Tevez started the fracas by throwing a
punch to the head.”

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