Jobs And Crime At Heart Of Queen’s Speech

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11:46am UK, Wednesday May 09, 2012

The Queen has delivered her Speech to Parliament, addressing MPs and peers about the Government’s agenda for the year ahead.

Her Majesty opened her 69th Speech by saying it would be ministers’ “first priority… to reduce the deficit and restore economic stability”.

After last week’s drubbing by Labour in the local government elections, both Conservative and Lib Dem ministers are hoping the Speech will relaunch the coalition Government.

So the aim is to promote a series of voter-friendly measures, such as curbing electricity prices and protecting farmers and grocers from rip-offs by big supermarket chains.

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Some bitterly controversial proposals will not feature in the Queen’s Speech, however.

Legislation on high speed rail, fiercely opposed by many Conservative MPs whose constituencies will be affected, will be introduced next year, as was always planned.

And a law on gay marriage, strongly backed by David Cameron and George Osborne but bitterly opposed by many Conservative MPs, will also come later, since it is still at the consultation stage.

In the Commons clash between the party leaders after the Queen’s Speech, Ed Miliband is expected to claim that voters in the UK have had enough of austerity, just like those in France.

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Cleaning staff prepare the Sovereign's Entrance at the Houses of Parliament

Cleaning staff prepare the Sovereign’s Entrance at the Houses of Parliament

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