BC’s Carbon Trust scandal heats up debate on climate

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Re: Safe from logging, forest got credits cash; Scheme used for Nature Conservancy property not a legitimate calculation, critics argue, April 24

I commend The Vancouver Sun on its exploration of carbon offset-ting, one of the routes for our province to reduce greenhouse gases, protect ecosystems and implement clean technology.

Carbon finance clearly plays an enabling role in the preservation of Darkwoods. Without the protection of the Nature Conservancy of Canada, this timber would unquestionably be liquidated.

Myriad articles in The Sun and other provincial news sources have covered the looming timber shortage in B.C. Bob Simpson’s suggestion that deforestation rates should be calculated against the former owner’s sustain-able management of the forest is per-haps naive, and certainly out of touch with reality on the ground.

Offset project eligibility and calculation is undertaken using peer reviewed, auditor approved protocols under an offset standard, in this case The Pacific Carbon Standard.

I encourage interested individuals to become engaged in the process of standards development. Offsets are an internationally recognized route to addressing climate change, and this is a sound, scientific way to be part of the solution.

Joseph Pallant President CEO, CPS Carbon Project Solutions Inc.

Article source: http://www.vancouversun.com/opinion/Carbon+Trust+scandal+heats+debate+climate/6539542/story.html