United States : The Bozzuto Group Commits Headquarters to 100 Percent Wind Power

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The Bozzuto Group, a Washington, D.C. area based real estate services organization, today announced that it has committed to matching 100 percent of the electricity used at its corporate headquarters with renewable energy from U.S. wind projects.

This commitment to green power will be achieved through the purchase of Green-e Energy Certified Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) from 3Degrees, a renewable energy certificate and carbon offset provider to wholesale and retail customers. The RECs ensure that for every megawatt hour of electricity used at Bozzuto s headquarters, a wind power project will deliver one megawatt hour of renewable energy to the power grid.

While we have implemented energy efficiency and conservation efforts throughout our company headquarters, we still need electricity to operate, said Rick Mostyn, Chief Operating Officer, The Bozzuto Group. By matching all of our energy use at our corporate headquarters with 100% wind-powered RECs, we will mitigate the environmental impact of our electricity use while stimulating the low-carbon renewable energy economy.

Using calculations and the national emissions rate from the EPA Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator, The Bozzuto Group s purchase of 1,151 megawatt hours of U.S. Wind Renewable Energy Certificates (REC) from 3Degrees will help avoid an estimated 794 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) greenhouse gas emissions.

Greenhouse gases that cause climate change are released when fossil fuels are burnt to produce energy, said Steve McDougal, VP Marketing and Business Development, 3Degrees. By matching its electricity use with RECs, The Bozzuto Group is reducing its impact on climate change by supporting the development of clean, renewable energy.

The EPA estimates that this amount of CO2e emissions is equivalent to the CO2 emissions released from consuming or burning more than 1,800 barrels of oil, the annual CO2 emissions produced from the use of electricity at more than 95 average homes, or the carbon sequestered annually by more than seven acres of forest preserved from deforestation. For more details on these calculations and clean energy in general, visit



Revenue from the sale of RECs provides important economic support to renewable energy projects. By financially rewarding these projects for the environmental benefits associated with the renewable energy they produce, RECs help these projects compete economically with fossil fuel electricity generation, encouraging the development of similar projects.

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