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Rentech Nitrogen Partners, L.P. (NYSE: RNF) and ClimeCo America
Corporation (ClimeCo America) jointly announced today that ClimeCo
America will deliver 120,000 Climate Reserve Tonnes (CRT) to Just
Energy (NYSE:JE and TSX:JE), a leading competitive North American
green energy retailer. Measured as a unit of offset credits used by the
Climate Action Reserve (CAR), one CRT is equal to one metric ton of
greenhouse gases reduced or sequestered. The carbon credits will be
delivered to Just Energy by ClimeCo over a five-year period.

The carbon credits will be generated by Rentech Nitrogen as part of North
America’s first voluntary tertiary Nitrous Oxide (N2O)
abatement system constructed at the plant in East Dubuque, IL in the
summer of 2011 under the leadership of ClimeCo America and Rentech
Nitrogen. Nitrous oxide (N2O) has a Global Warming Potential
(GWP) of 310 versus carbon dioxide with a GWP of one. Every ton of N2O
destroyed by Rentech Nitrogen’s abatement system generates 310 tons of
carbon dioxide equivalent credits (carbon credits).

The abatement system was developed according to the high standards of
the Climate Action Reserve Nitric Acid Protocol, which enables Rentech
Nitrogen to decrease its carbon footprint while producing nitrogen
fertilizer. CAR issues an identification number to each credit to record
information such as the source of generation and the issuance date.

With the sale of the carbon credits to Just Energy, Rentech Nitrogen
will cover a significant portion of its project construction costs for
the N2O abatement system while Just Energy broadens its base
of carbon offset projects. “Our investment in green energy and carbon
offset initiatives such as this enables us to diversify our project
portfolio and provide our customers with more choice in the projects
they choose to support” says Ken Hartwick, Just Energy’s President and
CEO. “To date, Just Energy has invested over $50 million in over 30
renewable energy and carbon offset projects across North America.”

Just Energy will incorporate the carbon credits as part of their carbon
offset programs for residential and commercial customers. The company
offers green energy solutions through their JustGreen™ and JustClean™
programs that enable customers to offset up to 100% of the emissions
associated with their everyday energy use through carbon offsets as well
as renewable energy projects.

John Ambrose, Chief Operating Officer of Rentech Nitrogen, stated, “We
are very forward in our thinking when it comes to implementing
cost-effective programs to voluntarily improve our environmental
footprint. We take pride in our environmentally conscious production of
nitrogen fertilizer products for farmers in the Mid Corn Belt region of
the U.S.”

About Rentech Nitrogen Partners, L.P.

Rentech Nitrogen (
was formed by Rentech, Inc. to own, operate and expand its nitrogen
fertilizer business. Rentech Nitrogen’s assets consist of a nitrogen
fertilizer facility located in East Dubuque, Illinois, owned by Rentech
Nitrogen, LLC, its operating subsidiary. The facility is located in the
Mid Corn Belt in the northwestern corner of Illinois, adjacent to the
Iowa and Wisconsin state lines, and produces primarily anhydrous ammonia
and urea ammonium nitrate solution, using natural gas as its primary
feedstock, for sale to customers in the Mid Corn Belt.

About ClimeCo America Corporation

ClimeCo America Corp., recipient of the 2010 Climate Action Reserve
CARROT award for extraordinary work in climate action, is a leader in
low carbon technology deployment and risk management services for
industries regulated under California’s AB-32 program. In cooperation
with its strategic partners, ClimeCo provides comprehensive expertise in
a full range of clean energy and environmental technology projects.
Bringing carbon market expertise together with comprehensive financing
and project development, ClimeCo provides project owners with a
start-to-finish solution, from envisioning the project to realizing real
emission reductions and managing the entire process along the way. Visit
for more information.

About Just Energy

With a vision to revolutionize how our customers use energy, Just Energy
is a leading competitive North American retailer of natural gas,
electricity and green energy. With regional offices across Canada and
the U.S., Just Energy serves 1.8 million residential and commercial
customers through a wide range of energy programs and home comfort
services. The company’s simple and effective green energy options
provide consumers with greater choice and control to help them reduce
the environmental impact of their everyday energy use. Established in
1997, Just Energy is a publicly traded corporation (NYSE:JE and TSX:JE)
and parent to affiliate companies: Amigo Energy, Commerce Energy, Hudson
Energy, Hudson Energy Solar, National Home Services, Momentis, Tara
Energy and Terra Grain Fuels. Visit
to learn more. Also, find us on Facebook
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