National Chamber, Sri Lanka’s first ‘Green Chamber’

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National Chamber, Sri Lanka’s first ‘Green Chamber’

The National Chamber of Commerce (NCCSL) was recently awarded the
certificate for Carbon Neutral by becoming the first ‘green Chamber’ in
the country to offset it’s carbon footprint.

President NCCSL Asoka Hettigoda
receives the certificate from Director, Carbon Consulting
Company Subramaniam Eassuwaren

“In today’s business context the role of sustainability has risen to
a pre-eminent position” said President NCCSL Asoka Hettigoda. “Companies
across the globe are now taking cognizance of the fact that corporates
have an undeniable role to help mitigate climate change and carbon

The world’s leading brands and corporates have declared their
intention to cut the carbon footprint to demonstrate their commitment
towards a sustainable modality of business. Our vision is to help the
local business enterprises compete better in markets across the globe.

Hence we are leading by example in becoming the country’s first
Chamber to be certified as Carbon Neutral.

We want to show our members that Sri Lankan companies can be on the
forefront of the world trends” Hettigoda said. He said, “Cutting our
carbon footprint means that the NCCSL has calculated our entire carbon
emissions and reduced them to net zero through a process of offsetting.

To carry out this process we have retained the services of The Carbon
Consulting Company, who did the calculation according to the
internationally accepted norms. “The calculation of the carbon footprint
for the NCCSL was carried out in accordance with international
standards,” said Director, Carbon Consulting Company Subramaniam

“ An organisational greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) assessment
quantifies the total greenhouse gases produced directly and indirectly
from a business organisation’s activities. Also known as a Carbon
Footprint, it is an essential tool, for understanding and managing its
climate change impacts,” he said.


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