Canada: Carbon tax relief for BC glasshouse growers

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Canada: Carbon tax relief for BC glasshouse growers

Good news came for British Columbian greenhouse growers this week, after it was revealed that they will receive $7.6 million from the province in carbon tax relief.

On Tuesday Minister of Agriculture Don McRae visited Village Farms in East Ladner to make the announcement.

“Our industry competes in markets with growers who do not pay a carbon tax,” McRae told a gathering of politicians, media and industry representatives all clad in white booties and smocks to protect the greenhouse environment. “We want our growers to focus on maintaining their competitive edge and building B.C.’s half-billion-dollar-a-year greenhouse industry,” he added.

$6 million of the grants will go to greenhouse vegetable growers, whilst the remainder is for the floricultural industry.

“These amounts are calculated to offset the carbon tax growers are estimated to pay on natural gas and propane used for heat and carbon dioxide production in one year,” McRae said.

The one time payment will be made this year, whilst next year the province will undertake a review of the carbon tax and its impact.

The move comes after a report found that carbon tax was hindering growth of the greenhouse sector and damaging growers’ ability to remain competitive.

Currently a 50 acre greenhouse can pay up to $500,000 annually in carbon tax and the relief will enable growers to compete more successfully with US and Mexico, for example.


Publication date: 4/4/2012

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