US College Gunman Said ‘I’ll Kill You All’

April 3rd, 201212:09 pm @


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12:00pm UK, Tuesday April 03, 2012

A gunman killed seven people and wounded three others at a Christian college in California after telling witnesses: “Get in line… I’m going to kill you all.”

The sole suspect in the shooting was arrested at a shopping centre about three miles away and was named by police as One Goh, 43.

He is believed to be a resident of Oakland, about 10 miles outside San Francisco, and a former student at Oakland’s Oikos University, the scene of the shooting.

Police said they were still investigating the motive for the killings. Goh, who is a South Korean national, has not been charged. Officers said they believed the attacker had acted alone.

One of the people who was inside the building, she was saying there is a crazy guy inside.

Witness Brian Snow

Witnesses told how the gunman, described by police as an Asian man wearing khaki clothing, entered the reception area of the college on Monday morning and opened fire before walking into a classroom and spraying the room with bullets.

Paul Singh, whose 19-year-old sister Devinder Kaur was shot in the arm, said the attacker was an ex-student who had turned up at class for the first time in four months.

“‘Get in line and I’m going to kill you all,’ is what he said this morning, my sister told me,” Mr Singh said. “They thought he was joking at first.”

Tashi Wangchuk said his wife, 28-year-old Dechen Yangzom, was in a classroom when she heard gunfire.

“Out of instinct, she locked the door and turned off the lights then the guy came and banged on the door and shot several rounds at the door and then he left,” Mr Wangchuk said.

A 43-year-old man is in custody after the shooting at Oikos University.

A 43-year-old man is in custody after the attack at Oikos University

“One of the people who was inside the building, she was saying there is a crazy guy inside,” witness Brian Snow told KGO-TV.

“She did say someone got shot in the chest right next to her, before she got taken off in an ambulance.”

Local media footage showed terrified students and staff running from the school as armed police surrounded the area and, later, bloodied victims on stretchers being loaded into ambulances.

The school’s founder, Pastor Jong Kim, told the Oakland Tribune newspaper that he heard 30 rapid-fire gunshots in the building.

The gunman had been a nursing student, he said, but was no longer enrolled at the college, which has links to the Korean-American Christian community.

Teresa Garcia, correspondent for CBS news in the US, said there was “a very, very bloody scene inside” with 10 victims, including three who survived.

She told how Goh left the scene in a victim’s car and drove to a shopping centre where he was spotted acting suspiciously by a security guard who asked him if he needed help.

“One Goh told him ‘I’ve shot several people, I need to talk to police…’ so in the end, he turned himself in,” Garcia said.

The spree killing is the deadliest seen at a US college since a Virginia Tech student shot dead 32 people on the university’s campus in 2007 before turning the gun on himself.

It comes a month after a student gunman in Ohio opened fire in a high school cafeteria, killing three students.

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