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March 23rd, 201211:45 am @


For the first time, Allianz published its Sustainability
Report concurrently with the Group’s Annual Report.
Thus, the Report on the company’s most important
sustainability initiatives is not only being published much
earlier than in previous years, but also now aligned with
the general reporting on Allianz business. In addition,
Allianz had its environmental data verified by an
independent auditor (KPMG) for the first time. The Report
not only fulfills the highest international reporting
standards (GRI A+), but also meets the requirements of the
German Sustainability Code. With this approach, we strive
to be transparent in our sustainability performance to all

“The crises and changes that surround us pose a
challenge”, said Michael Diekmann, Chairman of the
Board of Management of Allianz SE. “But they are also
encouraging Allianz to transform itself. Our guiding
compass for success here will be our focus on our clients
and our attention to sustainability. These will enable us
to detect the need for action, as well as opportunities, at
an early stage.”

Through its engagement in the environmental, social and
governance field Allianz is contributing proactively to the
kind of progress that brings genuine advances in society,
as Allianz SE’s CEO Michael Diekmann points out:
“Sustainability is part of Allianz’ DNA as an
insurer. Our achievements have been recognized by the
leading sustainability rating agencies. The real benchmark,
however, lies in continuing to meet the changing needs of
our customers. These needs, the way in which they change in
response to the five global issues, and our business
success form a triangle of sustainability to which we align
our company and its management.”

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