Port of Mobile handled its largest import shipment of steel on Mar 12

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It is reported that ThyssenKrupp’s Alabama mills drive demand for steel imports through port

The Port of Mobile this week handled its largest import shipment of steel, as ThyssenKrupp’s four nearby mills drive cargo through the Alabama port and offset a coal traffic slump.

Pinto Terminal workers loaded 4,259 carbon steel slabs weighing 94,210 tonnes on the SHI DAI 20, a bulk carrier on March 12th 2012. Annual steel volume through the port over the last two fiscal years has more than tripled to 3.6 million tonnes, with about two thirds of the shipments bound for the German steelmaker.

Mr Jimmy Lyons director CEO of Alabama State Port Authority said that “We’ve long known this mill and its markets would impact this port in a number of positive ways; now, investments serving steel are starting to bear fruit.”

ThyssenKrupp has invested about USD 4.6 billion in its two plants in Calvert, with about 70% of the investment going toward a carbon steel plant that can produce 4 million tonnes of carbon steel annually. Mobile handled approximately 3 million tonnes of steel in 2011 from all the steel plants in Alabama and expects to handle as much as 4 million tonnes in 2012.

Source – The Journal of Commerce Online


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