Lush becomes world’s first green model agency

March 4th, 20123:37 am @


Speaking at a photo session with Lush models and some smitten Carbon Credit brokers at AGT’s Middle East headquarters in Dubai, Lush CEO, Kelly Mackinnon, explained the motivation for the initiative.

“We have over 300 models on our books and can have a large number of these working at any one time around the UAE and sometimes outside the country. This all adds up to a significant impact on the environment over the course of a year when you consider flights, car journeys, power used – and of course hairspray,” she laughs.

“However, in all seriousness, we are proud to be representing the industry in terms of environmental consciousness and showing modelling isn’t just about looking good,” she said.

After a series of information sharing sessions carried out by AGT, designed to reduce and minimise Lush’s environmental damage, the remaining CO2 emissions expected over the next year will be calculated and AGT will retire the equivalent number of VER (Voluntary Emissions Reduction) Carbon Credits to offset this damage.

AGT Director, Charles Stephenson, said, “While Lush is now possibly our best looking client, we’ve been impressed by their environmental awareness in coming forward and offering to purchase and retire enough Carbon Credits to offset their first year’s emissions. We wish them all the best in their first year of operation and will always be delighted to see them in the office.”

Ms Mackinnon adds, “At Lush we strongly believe in the importance of creating awareness and helping educating as many people we can from any industry of the importance of going green – and the simplicity of offsetting carbon emissions to make a start in this process. Lush is a recently launched company and the carbon neutral commitment was a key unique selling point in our business model as we believe it complements what our brand stands for.”

Lush Group provides models alongside event and lifestyle services to the public and private sector, including: media, events, private weddings, parties, exhibitions, launches, fashion shoots, catwalk and editorial for some of the world’s top brands and organisations.

AGT is an industry-leader in sourcing and trading Carbon Credits to help companies and individuals offset their CO2 emissions and mitigate the harmful effects of climate change, employing over 50 traders in the UAE, UK, Switzerland, USA, South Africa and Spain.

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