Certifying reduced carbon footprint

March 2nd, 20123:31 am @


SGS Consumer Testing Services, based in Geneva, Switzerland, offers certification and testing services, including a new program that allows companies to demonstrate carbon reductions through a series of three different product marks. Unlike carbon footprint marks that are limited to a state, country or single phase of a product’s lifecycle, the SGS marks cover all geographic areas with a single label and recognize multiple levels of environmental achievement. These include the SGS Carbon Footprint, conveying a brand’s total greenhouse gas emissions over the product’s lifecycle and listing results on the label; the SGS Carbon Reduction, signifying that the product’s carbon footprint has been reduced in a 12-month continuous improvement process since the first footprint calculation; and SGS Carbon Neutral, showing significant carbon reductions with remaining emissions offset through renewable energy credit purchase systems.

Article source: http://specialtyfabricsreview.com/articles/0312_sw11_sustainability_certification.html