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2 March 2012

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Announcement Number 192

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Dear Sir

Appendix 4D

Please find attached the information required by Listing Rule
4.2A.3 for the period ending 31 December


Yours faithfully

Peter Balsarini

CEO Executive Director

Carbon Conscious


Mr Stephen Lowe (Exec Chairman) Tony Dawe

+61 8 9287 5600 Professional Public Relations (PPR)
Tel: +61 8 9388 0944/ 0405 989 743

Carbon Conscious Ltd – Background

Carbon Conscious operates plantation forests by utilising low
productivity or degraded farm land in low rainfall areas to
plant Mallee Eucalypt trees, a native species perfectly
adapted to the growing conditions of the Australian
wheatbelt. This creates large scale carbon estates, which
produce carbon offset credits for the Commonwealth
Government’s Clean Energy Act 2011 and under the Carbon
Farming Initiative. Carbon Conscious Limited was listed on
the ASX in May 2008, and currently has over 8,000 hectares of
Mallee Eucalypt trees under management in Western Australia
and operates extensive plantations in New Zealand. For more
information, see


ABN 20 129 035 221

Half Year Report

Period Ending 31 December 2011

Appendix 4D

Lodged with the ASX under Listing Rule 4.2A.3

Carbon Conscious Limited ASX Half Year Report Appendix 4D
December 2011
Details of Reporting Period
Reporting period is from 1 July 2011 through to 31 December
Results for Announcement to the Market





Revenue from ordinary activities

Up 202%



Profit (Loss) before income tax

Up 224%



Profit (Loss) after tax attributable to members

Up 243%



Operational Highlights
• The 2011 planting program completed in July 2011 saw the
planting of 2,000 hectares in Western Australia’s marginal
wheatbelt area under excellent conditions. The early survival
and excellent growth reflects the good growing season.
• An additional 500,000 pinus radiata trees were successfully
planted on the East Coast of the North Island of
New Zealand.
• The Company is planting approximately 10,000 hectares in
Australia and an additional 500,000 pinus radiata trees in
New Zealand in the 2012 planting program. The planning is
well advanced with land being settled and good progress on
seedling growth.
Please refer to the review of operations in the Directors’
Report of the Interim Financial Report for additional
No dividends have been paid or declared since the start of
the financial period and the directors do not recommend the
payment of a dividend in respect of the financial period.
Net Tangible Asset per Security
Net tangible asset per ordinary share is $0.15 as at 31
December 2011 (at 31 December 2010 $0.10).
The results should be read in conjunction with the Interim
Financial reports for the period lodged with the ASX on
February 2012.
Peter Balsarini
CEO Executive Director
Date: 2 March 2012

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