Two Protesters Shot Dead In Egypt Clashes

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3:55am UK, Friday February 03, 2012

At least two protesters have been shot dead by Egyptian police using live ammunition in the city of Suez.

Witnesses said protesters were trying to break into a police station when shots were fired.

“We received two corpses of protesters shot dead by live ammunition,” said a doctor at a morgue where the bodies were kept.

It comes as hundreds of people were injured in the capital Cairo as crowds attempted to gain entry to the interior ministry building.

Thousands took to the streets following the deaths of at least 74 people at a football match on Wednesday.

The deaths at a stadium in Port Said have quickly turned into a political crisis as protesters hold the military-led authorities responsible for the bloodshed.

In Cairo, several thousand protesters remained on the streets around the ministry on Thursday night.

“This was not a sports accident, this was a military massacre!” they have been shouting.

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After Port Said’s Al Masry won 3-1, supporters armed with knives, sticks and stones swarmed onto the pitch.

Fans and players from Cairo’s Al Ahly club were forced to flee for their lives, running towards the exits and up the stands to escape.

State television ran footage of riot police stood in rows as the chaos went on around them.

Now people demanding retribution for the deaths are facing a fierce crackdown by the authorities.

Tear gas was fired at those gathered on the streets on Thursday and motorbikes screeched through the crowds carrying those who had collapsed to waiting ambulances.

Others were able to stagger away, choking and eyes streaming, before slumping on the pavements as more protesters ran forwards towards the police lines.

One woman, her eyes red and her make-up smeared across her face, told Sky News she had joined the protest to make sure “they don’t just kill us all”.

Egyptian protesters clash with police

The protesters tried to push their way to the interior ministry

“If we’re not here they will kill people,” she said pointing towards the interior ministry.

Many of the young men determined to join the battle had come ready with masks to protect themselves from the gas. Many waved the flags of the Al Ahly team in a show of solidarity for the dead.

“We want revenge,” one said. “Either it will come with the military stepping down or we will take it ourselves,” he said.

Cairo-based Middle East analyst Omar Ashour told Sky News: “They feel that they were victimised by the security services in Port Said and they are coming here to say they want revenge.

“I think there will be very serious political consequences whether on an institutional level in the parliament or on the streets of Cairo.”

More protests are planned for Friday.

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