‘Carbon Future’ Launches New Digital ID Verification

January 13th, 20128:57 am @


‘Carbon Future’ Launches New Digital ID Verification

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Businesses vying to go ‘carbon neutral’ continue to be the big thing going into 2012. Whilst in some parts of the world carbon taxes, like any other tax has upset consumers from Australia to the USA with the new $3 aviation tax. The opposite effect continues to be true for consumers who witness businesses that go green by offsetting the Co2 emissions of their office and staff.

Carbon-future.co.uk has made a new inroad into the awareness of this very important cause by creating the worlds first Carbon Neutral Digital ID verification. This unique third party verification button can be seen on the website of businesses that have offset their Co2 emissions through ‘carbon future’. When clicked it provides the consumer with evidence of the emissions reduced and links to further information of how important this is.

Whilst carbon calculators allow business and individuals to asses their emissions ‘Carbon future‘ offers quick online ready packed and ‘quick buy’ options where carbon offsets can be purchased in relative quantity, retired or used for other reasons. The team also offer a free professional calculation of company emissions to guarantee the correct number is accounted for.

Whilst councils and large institutions are spending millions a year to meet emission reduction targets smaller businesses in lower emitting industries such as the service  sector are attaining the same value of reputation for a far more relevant and reasonable cost.

Many larger brands such as Marks and Spencer and BP are taking the bull by the horns to educate the wider public about just how important it is for the planet to reduce green house gasses, yet companies of all sizes can play their part.

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