Carbon tax to undercut auto sector support

January 11th, 201210:57 pm @


The tragedy of the Australian car industry is that it has been portrayed as being at the forefront of all that is good about engineering (Carbon tax to undercut auto sector support, January 12).

In Australia that is simply untrue.

There is very little skill that goes into making a car, and we are certainly not at the forefront of engineering design.

What has been badly misunderstood from Hawke/Button to Carr is that the car assembly lines are imposed into Australian factories and the so-called skilled folk working them assemble kits.

They are assembly workers, not skilled tradesmen, turners, millars, grinders, shapers, jig borers, we don’t need these skills any more.

We no longer design and build our own cars, we can’t, it’s too expensive to do on our rates of pay and the market we have.

The raw talents to design are simply no longer here. Now why on earth would you wish to keep an industry of semi/unskilled Australian workers when the same kit assemblers in China can do the same job at 1/10 of the price?

The demands of unions to fund these workers can do nothing for the industry but drive it out of Australia once the stupidity of giving cash handouts to a very expensive workforce becomes too expensive for the public purse.

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