Celebrity chef fighting for his life after fire destroys home and kills his entire family

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Torn apart: Matt Golinski's house was destroyed and his wife and three daughters died as he fought to save them from the flames

Torn apart: Matt Golinski’s house was destroyed and his wife and three daughters died as he fought to save them from the flames

Television chef Matt Golinski is fighting for survival after a fire ravaged his home and killed his entire family.

The Ready Steady Cook star fought to save his wife and children before they died in the blaze that tore through his house on Australia’s Sunshine Coast.

Hours after the family celebrated Christmas together, the celebrity chef was battling third-degree burns that covered 40 per cent of his body, while wife Rachel and his three daughters lay dead.

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He was found by neighbours at 3.30am ‘burned from head to toe’ screaming ‘my family, my family’ outside his home, according to Australian media.

After being woken by a deafening explosion, neighbours in Tewantin, Queensland, rushed to help Mr Golinski.

Neighbour Gary Siljac told the Herald Sun that Mr Golinski had only been worried about his beloved wife Rachel and daughters Starlia and 12-year-old twins Sage and Willow.

‘It was the most heartbreaking thing I have ever seen. There was nothing we could do,’ Mr Siljac said.

‘Those kids were so cute and their mother was always smiling. They were the perfect little family.’

Another neighbour, Jason Cassidy, said he heard a bang and went outside to see smoke billowing and ‘a big orange glow’ in the sky.

‘You could feel the heat,’ he said. ‘It was well and truly going. Anyone inside would have had no hope.’

A Fire and Rescue unit arrived within ten minutes of several emergency calls, with police arriving soon after.

But questions were raised about the arrival of a lone paramedic 27 minutes after being alerted, according to the Herald Sun.

Lifetime away: The devastated husband and father regularly appears on Ainsley Harriott's cooking programme Ready Steady Cook

Lifetime away: The devastated husband and father regularly appears on Ainsley Harriott’s cooking programme Ready Steady Cook

Mr Golinski suffered serious burns to 40 per cent of his body and is in intensive care at Royal Brisbane Hospital. He remains in a critical but stable condition.

Queensland Police are still investigating the cause of the fire, which gutted the timber house.

A Channel 10 spokeswoman said: ‘We are saddened to hear of the tragic events surrounding Matt and his family – our thoughts go out to him at this sad time.’

The Australian runs his own tapas restaurant, The Rolling Dolmade, on the Sunshine Coast and has won many local and international awards, including a bronze medal from Bologna’s Internazionale della Cucina Bolognese for cooking fresh pasta.

Friends say the couple were devoted to each other and their daughters, focusing most of their time and energy on their twins, who suffered from a metabolic disorder with symptoms similar to cerebral palsy.

The girls underwent six years of intensive therapy to be able to talk, walk and take part in activities such as cycling and dancing with their older sister.

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Can’t think of anything more devastating the poor man. I don’t know how any one can pull through after such a horrifying experience, but somehow they do. God bless him!

So so sorry , I hope he makes a full recovery.

So so sad.

My thoughts and prayers go out to their family’s, this has reduced me to tears I quite simply wouldn’t want to carry on with out my husband and children.

So dreadfully sad

This poor poor man, I do hope he eventually recovers from this physical wounds, and the mental wounds ease!!!! It must be a terrible terrible state he is in!!! Hope he recovers x x. X x. My thoughts are with him!!!

Tragic. I’m married with 3 children and I can honestly say, if it was me, let me go with them. I have nothing to prove by “getting through” this. Bless them all

So very, very sad. I dread to think what this poor man will have to cope with if he survives his injuries.

I honestly think I’d rather be dead. To overcome such injury then to even tackle the mental scars. Huge burden, I hope he’s a strong man. God help him

Horrific. God bless them all.

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