Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish fears a Craig Bellamy agenda

December 25th, 201111:52 pm @


“We just need a wee bit of clarity. It’s all well and good having rules but
the rules should be the same for everyone, not split up for different

Dalglish will not be asking the 32-year-old to tone down his feistiness. “No.
He is experienced enough to know. If Craig needs to play, he will play. We
have just got to take that chance. He is experienced enough to get himself
through it.”

Dalglish admitted to having some “sympathy” for people at Rovers, whom he led
to the Premier League title in 1995 (with the trophy lifted on the last day
of the season at Anfield).

“He can see the pressure that the current manager, Steve Kean, is under.
“It is a results-driven business and if you are at the wrong end of the
table then you expect a bit of criticism and – if it is that bad – your
P45,’’ said Dalglish.

“Blackburn was a fantastic club when I was there but I think as a club it has
changed. Obviously the ownership has changed for a start, there were
fantastic people there but I don’t think there is many of them left either.

“It is sad to see somewhere where you enjoyed working in the position they are
at the moment, but we won’t give them any sympathy on Monday. We will try
and be as professional and ruthless as we can.’’

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