Promiscuous Britain: One in 4 young women admit they had sex below the age of 16

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Promiscuous Britain: One in 4 young women admit they had sex below the age of 16

  • Twice as many men (27 per cent) than women boasted of having made more than 10 conquests
  • A third of men and 17 per cent of women said their reported number of sexual partners was an estimate

Sophie Borland and Daily Mail Reporter

Last updated at 3:27 AM on 17th December 2011

Men have twice as many sexual partners as women during their lifetimes – according to their own estimates.

The Health Survey for England 2010 found that men reported having 9.3 different partners on average while women said they only had 4.7 partners.

Twice as many men (27 per cent) boasted
of having made more than 10 conquests compared to 13 per cent of women.
This contrast was apparent in the groups aged 25-34 and older.

On average men have claimed to have had twice as many sexual partners than women

On average men have claimed to have had twice as many sexual partners than women (posed by models)

In contrast a quarter of women revealed they had only been with one partner during their lifetimes compared to 17 per cent of men.

However, a third of men said their number was an ‘estimate’ compared to 17 per cent of women.

The report from the NHS Information centre also revealed more than a quarter of young women today lost their virginity when they were below the legal age of consent.

Some 27 per cent of 16 to 24 year-olds admit they were 15 or under when they had sex for the first time.

One in eight of this age group have already had sex with at least ten different partners.



The areas in white show how men soon take the lead in the proportion who have had more than 10 partners

MPs and campaigners yesterday blamed
the ‘pornification of society’ for encouraging young girls to dress
themselves up as sex objects before they have even reached puberty.

The figures detail for the first time how young girls are increasingly losing their virginity before they reach 16.

They reveal how by comparison, just 4
per cent of women now aged 55 to 64 first had sex when they were
under-age. This rises to 10 per cent of 45 to 54 year-olds, and 14 per
cent of 35 to 44 year-olds.

Critics say the rise in promiscuity
over the generations is linked to increased sex education in schools
that has ‘broken down the natural inhibitions of children with regard to
sexual conduct’.

The figures also show that more than a
fifth of sexually active women aged 16 to 24 have taken the
morning-after pill at least once in the past year. Almost 60 per cent
admitted they did not always use contraception.

By comparison 22 per cent of men aged
16 to 24 lost their virginity when they were 15 or under. Some  41 per
cent said they used a condom every time, although only 5.4 per cent said
they had caught a sexually transmitted infection.


Diane Abbott, shadow health minister,
said: ‘Too many young girls are absorbing from the popular culture
around them that they only have value as sex objects. Inevitably they
act this notion out.

‘The rising numbers of girls having
under-age sex is alarming. It is not a cost-free phenomenon. It poses
public health policy challenges and social challenges. The underlying
cause must be the pornification of British culture and the increasing
sexualisation of pre-adolescent girls.’

Norman Wells, director of the Family
Education Trust said: ‘Over recent years we have witnessed the
systematic removal of every restraint which in previous generations
served as a disincentive to underage sexual activity.

‘Sex education in many schools has
had the effect of breaking down the natural inhibitions of children with
regard to sexual conduct, and the age of consent is rarely enforced, so
young people no longer have any fear of legal proceedings.

‘On top of that, the ready
availability of contraception means that a girl’s fear of pregnancy is
no longer considered a good enough reason for rejecting her boyfriend’s
advances, and confidentiality policies mean that a girl need not worry
about what her parents would think about her being sexually active,
obtaining contraception, being treated for a sexually transmitted
infection or even having an abortion, because they don’t have to be

Sex education through the generations in Britain

The figures have come from a survey
of the sexual behaviours of 8,420 men and women aged 16 to 69, carried
out by the NHS this year for the first time.

They also reveal that one in seven
women aged 16 to 24 who had lost their virginity had caught a sexually
transmitted infection at least once. Only four in ten said they always
used contraception when having sex.

Across all age groups, the statistics
show that 14 per cent of women lost their virginity before the age of
16 compared with 20 per cent of men.
The average age for losing virginity was 17, although for those aged 16 to 24 it was 16.

Although Britain’s teenage pregnancy
rates have recently started to fall, they still remain among the highest
in Europe. In 2009, there were 38,259 pregnancies in girls under 18
compared with 41,361 in 2008, a decline of 7.5 per cent. Every year
around 3,700 girls under 16 have an abortion.

There is concern that society is
becoming increasingly ‘sexualised’. Last year the final of ITV’s the X
Factor final attracted more than 4,000 complaints following raunchy
performances by singers Christina Aguilera and Rihanna.


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Peter Chichester…….. So the 10 women also had a total of 100 screws, which is 10 each. I understand the population is not exactly 50:50, but it’s pretty close. The only way you could get men having twice as many partners as women is if there were twice as many women as men …………..or one hell of a carefree but sore young lady.

Men cannot have twice as many partners as women if every partner they have is a woman. They would have exactly the same amount as women on average. Suppose everyone is having a monogamous relationship, then one man gets a new, second partner. That means there’s a woman also getting a second partner, durrr. Elementary and common sense math… something greatly lacking in modern cultures, especially in the pseudointellectuals known as researchers.

Linking Sex-education in schools to sexual permissiveness is a ridiculous. Clearly the most damaging aspect is our current culture, in which women are taught in adverts, fashion and music to BE sex objects. In such programmes, a woman’s sexual capital is seen as the entire measure of her worth. Personally, as a young woman in the 16-24 age bracket, I can tell you that the sex education I had at school only ever taught me that:
1. The media’s sexualisation of women is WRONG.
2. You always have the right to either refuse or accept sexual relationships.
3. Behaviours like getting drunk and having sex with multiple partners are VERY RISKY (due to pregnancy, STDs etc).
4. Always practise safe sex.
If anything, Sex-ed in schools is one of the few counters to the treatment of women as sex objects in popular culture.

If men on average have twice as many sex partners as women then who are the men having sex with?

Perhaps that “I just made love” iphone app mentioned in another article today could shed some light? LOL

@ tommi konttinen, kangasniemi, finland, 16/12/2011 23:18 … I suspect you may be right. At least if you’re not, I’m getting a little worried as I fall far short of the average here. Mind you, any survey that relies on the honesty of the control group on questions such as this should be looked upon as suspect.

I think the odds are 10 to 1 the fellas are being very economical with the truth! They may well have more relationships than women, but I recall my daughter as a teenager (now mid-30s) informing a boy who had bought her 3 drinks that he was a nice chap but her dad was still going to be collecting taking her home, to which he replied, it’s alright I’ll go outside with you to the car park and go back in an half an hour the lads will be none the wiser!’ He was less than amused when she informed him ‘no,’ she wasn’t going to be even an imaginative notch on his back-seat. Things do change over time but I suspect in the bragging department blokes will have only got worse.

Hmm, I’m looking to meeting my Mr Point Seven. 🙂

“I must admit 9.3 sound very low. Are you sure you don’t mean 9.3 per year? Personally I could not recount every lady I have been with at the end of a year, I would not know where to start if I had to remember every one I have been to bed with over my life time.”
– Graham, Thaland, 16/12/2011 13:15
———————————– Is that why you live in Thailand?

………………Oh dear, Stu, maths obviously isn’t YOUR strong point. Take 10 women and 10 men: 9 women sleep with 1 partner each while the 10th sleeps with 10 partners. That’s 19 sexual encounters: 1.9 is the average for women. For the men, they must have had 19 sexual encounters between them and thus also a 1.9 average. Plug in any numbers and it must be the same, unless you have a different number of men and women (which isn’t the case in the UK) or your stats are wrong. (paulmarkj, london)……… paulmarkj, whilst there is nothing wrong with your maths, it is based on the survey covering all the partners of each of the respondents. To take your analogy further, if the 10th woman was not included in the survey, the average for the 9 other women would be 1. If you exclude the 10th man, you still have an equal number of men and women, but the average for men is now 2 as each has slept with the one of the women in the survey and a women not part of it.

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