Antigua Honeymoon Killers Escape Death Penalty

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Antigua Honeymoon Killers Escape Death Penalty

Antigua murderers

Martin and Howell have shown no remorse for their crime

9:10pm UK, Friday December 16, 2011

Two men who murdered British honeymoon couple Ben and Catherine Mullany in Antigua have each been given three consecutive life sentences.

Kaniel Martin and Avie Howell were found guilty of shooting the couple, from south Wales, in 2008, just two weeks after they had married.

Mrs Mullany, a doctor, died instantly after being shot in back of the head in their beachside chalet at the Cocos resort.

Her student physiotherapist husband initially survived but soon fell into a coma.

He was later flown back home to see if doctors in Swansea could save his life. But a week after being shot, his life-support machine was turned off and he died.

The holiday had been a wedding present paid for by a mix of relatives and friends.

Undated handout photo of Ben and Catherine Mullany on their wedding day as two are on trial accused of murdering the British honeymoon couple in Antigua.

The couple had been due to fly home on the day they were killed


Martin, 23, and Howell, 22, were also convicted of the murder of local shopkeeper Woneta Anderson in almost identical circumstances less than a fortnight later.

On what was supposed to be Mullany’s last full day in Antigua, Martin and Howell
burst into the couple’s chalet at the Cocos hotel at 5am.

After forcing the 31-year-olds to kneel in front of the bed at gunpoint, the pair shot them in the back of the head before stealing an inexpensive mobile phone, a cheap digital camera and a small quantity of cash.

The pair had faced the possibility of the death penalty for the killings, which tarnished the Caribbean island’s reputation.

During the murder investigation a small team of detectives from Scotland Yard flew to Antigua to help local officers after a plea from Antigua’s prime minister.

Cocos Hotel and Resort in Antigua, where Ben and Catherine Mullany were killed

The shootings happened at the Cocos Hotel and Resort


Following the killings, the victims’ families set up a charity in their name to carry on the good work they did and keep their memory alive.

Howell and Martin showed no remorse for their crimes during their trial, with both refusing to give evidence, despite claiming their innocence.

Martin had claimed he had never been anywhere near the Mullanys’ hotel around the time of the killings, but telecommunications evidence later placed him in the area at around 5am.

He then backtracked and said he had gone for a early morning swim in the sea to try to sober up after being out at Antigua’s annual carnival the night before.

It was later discovered that the father-of-one, known by the street name of Sample Dan, had been in possession of Mr Mullany’s stolen Nokia phone – when a recording of Martin’s voice was found on the device.

Although the murder weapon was never recovered, spent cartridge shells were found at the scene of the crime and both Martin and Howell were found with gunshot residue on their clothing.

During police interviews, both men had claimed they had never owned or fired a gun.

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