Rates to rise under carbon tax: council

December 13th, 201111:13 pm @


Under the new rules, emissions would have to be reported and permits dealt with for as long as they exceeded the thresholds — “including after the landfill has closed in 2033.

“If it is confirmed that emissions from Blaxland WMF exceed the threshold, then there will be a considerable financial liability to be met by council,” the report stated.

“How this will be met will be influenced by the current contract that the council has with Theiss who are operating the facility.

“It is expected however that the costs of the liability will be passed onto council.”

Council staff recommended a further report come back before BMCC in April next year outlining results of the landfill gas assessment for Blaxland, and that clean energy funding opportunities be investigated.

Councillors were due to consider the report at last night’s council meeting.

Article source: http://www.bluemountainsgazette.com.au/news/local/news/general/rates-to-rise-under-carbon-tax-council/2392280.aspx