Lawrence Trial Sees Secret ‘Racist’ Video

December 13th, 201111:13 pm @


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The prosecution claim Stephen Lawrence was murdered by a group including Gary Dobson (L) and David Norris (R)

6:55pm UK, Tuesday December 13, 2011

Martin Brunt, crime correspondent

Secret police surveillance camera footage revealing Gary Dobson and David Norris’s “racist and violent behaviour” was played to the Stephen Lawrence murder trial.

In one clip Norris was heard threatening to torture, skin, maim and kill black people.

Dobson was recorded regaling friends with a story of how he threatened to “slice” a black workmate with a Stanley knife.

The jury was told police hid the camera in the living room skirting board of a flat Dobson was sharing 20 months after the black teenager’s murder.

The judge warned jurors they might find the video clips shocking, but must not let emotion sway their verdicts.

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On the tape Norris says: “If I was going to kill myself do you know what I would do? I would go and kill every black ****, every ****, every copper, every mug that I know.”

“I would go down Catford and places like that, I’m telling you now, with two submachine guns and I’m telling you I would take one of them, skin the black **** alive mate, torture him and set him alight. I would blow their two arms and legs off and say ‘Go on you can swim home now’.”

In another clip Dobson describes a row he had with a workmate: “He is a black **** but he ain’t like a ******, a rude boy or nothing. He talks like a normal ******* white geezer. I said, Tap me once more, you silly ****, I’m going to ******* slice this down you seven times.”

In the witness box Dobson said he was “embarrassed and disgusted” by the words he used then.

It was not his everyday language he said, but he could not defend or justify it.

It comes after the jury heard Dobson had lied to police about knowing fellow defendant Norris when he was first arrested over the death.

Gary Dobson, 36, and David Norris, 35, both of south London, deny murdering the teenager in Eltham in April, 1993.

The trial continues.

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